LOVE- Defined

No word is enough to describe the magic,
No feeling yet so pure,
The meaning of love is still a mystery,
I wish I could know more.

What is love, but a soft petal,
Ever so chaste and naïve,
That shrivels and dries up,
From its precious flower if bereaved.

What is love but a strong force,
Mighty rivers it puts to shame,
And can halt time’s ceaseless flow,
Make even the mountains look lame.

A tender bond that binds us,
And holds us forever near,
I wish to stay entrapped eternally,
To one that I hold dear.

A gentle word so sweet and true,
Illuminating my soul,
Our souls have indeed become one,
And its you that I behold.

You are my sky, my sun, my sea,
My morning, noon and night,
I am lost in your magic,
With you everything’s right!

When I am with you,
Even eternity seems away,
With you even a second spent,
Feels like an entire day.

For what is love I knew not,
Until you came to me,
But now I know that love is real,
And it exists in me!