Letter to My Readers (even the invisible, dead, dying and still-in-the-womb ones)


I'm alive.


If you're alive and reading this from any corner of the world, just drop in a simple 'hi', only to let me know that you're alive. And around.

If you're reading it from up there (yes, dimwit, I mean heaven) or from down there (you know what I mean this time, don't you? Hint: I certainly don't mean your underground parking lot)... Dude! You have to have HAVE TO comment then!!!! At least, let me know how you ended up (or down) there. It would help if you mention the services available, most importantly the internet speed. You see, mine sucks, I won't mind migrating.

So folks, till whenever I remember I have a blog which needs to be updated (which could be in an hour, tomorrow, the next week, month, year, afterlife (presumptuous. we shall wait for the comments to see if this one would be possible) or the next life (provided Twitter doesn't take-over Blogger by then)), this is

Sporadically yours truly

P.S.: I double-checked the parenthesis. No need to rack your brains. 

P.S. 2: The super duper spaces are Blogger's problem, not mine. Peace.