Acrid smoke, acid sky
Tears of blood, a string of lies
Found her way in.
An empty shell, broken.
Into the abyss, she went 
And cried.
For a love that was never hers
She died.

Although written much before her death, this poem is dedicated to Viveka Babaji. I was no fan of her, nor do I support the very idea of suicide. It's just stupid. But having been close to the edge myself, I know just how shattered a person must be to harbour such thoughts leave alone taking the plunge. May whatever it was that drove her so leave her side in the afterworld.

Edit: And this, incidentally is also my 100th post. Congrats! To me, you, my dear blog, the neighbour's dog. Ok maybe we can do without the last one.

(Photo: Taken on my last trip to Rajasthan)



Filled with doubt
And spite she stared-
Perched on the rocks-
Into the abyss

Many came upon her beach
Tainted tears, stained kiss
The heavens, they cried
The wind, it hissed.

Swam in the ocean of hate
Swallowed tears, blood and pain
And at last, she broke into a song
They thought she was a dreamer
They couldn’t be more wrong.

Author's note: This was a prompt. Those who are on my Gtalk would know that I had requested some ideas for a theme, something, anything to get me started. Tubelights gave me the link to this picture. Just know, I'm grateful.