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Having gone through the questionnaire at least 13 times, I have finally mustered up the courage to actually start answering them. ‘courage’ because there are some questions that I don’t feel like answering but since I was born with an ‘I must not tell lies’ stamp on my forehead, and being someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind without even once paying heed to what the consequences might turn out to be, I have finally started off. Moreover, yes, ‘courage’ also because when it comes to typing… I am a slouch (not that I am not one otherwise, but when it comes to typing, then my sluggishness knows no bounds). Keeping this in mind, I will tell you exactly when I start and finish off this tag, because, it might take days or even a few years to complete it!
And if I keep going on with this rubbish, then I might not finish it at all, and I don’t want to keep my readers (if there are any!) awaiting.
And I’m off…. (By the way, today is 31st October 2007)

Smoked a cigarette? Ok. Now, this one isn’t too tough. The answer is no. At least not if you leave out passive smoking. If that counts too, then, you may as well call me a chain smoker because my dad’s one and I’m constantly inhaling the smoke. (Though, now he’s understood that he shouldn’t do so at home, at least not when Kalrav is around. How that happened is also an interesting anecdote…. Well, as usual, he was smoking one day when Kalrav asked him if he could try it too. And obviously (anyone thinking otherwise is a moron) he was reprimanded. To which my dear brother replied- “agar aap pi sakte ho to main bhi! Mat do, main khud pi lunga!” (n he’s only six! Imagine that!). So, that was a lesson well learnt for dad.)
So, half an hour gone by, and I’ve just answered one question. Kewl!!!

Crashed a friend’s car?: don’t even know how to drive, let alone crash a car… waise… Do bikes count???

Stolen a car?: will someone please tell me why I would do that (or rather, how I would do that) when I can’t even drive!!!!

Been in love?: hehe… ye to bhagwaan khud hi bata sakta hai… go ask him…

Been dumped?: Naah… n I hope not either…

Shoplifted?: well, I don’t know why I can’t remember any such incident, but I’m sure I must’ve done so sometime coz well… I am no noble soul… hehehe *smirking*

Been in a fist fight?: loads of times, with Kalrav it’s a daily ritual. Before that we held special wrestling competitions (by ‘we’ here, I mean, me n my cousins, (n by the way, I used to be the only girl involved))
N yeahh well.. We had this terrible fight in our karate class when I was like 10-11 yr old… though I don’t quite remember why it started off.. However, what I do remember is that it turned out to be quite nasty and I got a good thrashing at home (even though I was hurt! Humph!!!!) coz I had (apparently) broken the boy’s nose.
All in all, I guess, I’m ‘quite’ a ‘violent creature’ *evil grin*

Snuck out of your parent’s house?: No, unless you count late night visits to the terrace without informing them.

Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?: ohh well.. Well well well.. This was ‘tough’ one I was talking about. Well, the person-in-question himself is not too net savvy but some of his friends are, and they might come across this and tell him. Well, ab jo hoga, so hoga!
The answer is yes! I had a huge crush on a neighbor when I was in 7th and it lasted for 3 yrs. and he never came to know though we met nearly everyday.
“And by the way, if you (my crush) ever come across this, then I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you because if it wouldn’t have been for you then I would have never given my 10th board exams. (long story, not worth telling to my readers) “

Been arrested?: haan haan! Jail se hi to likh rahi hu, ala Gandhi!
Of course not!!

Gone on a blind date?: Haven’t yet gone on any date whatsoever!

Skipped school?: so many times, do saal se wohi to kar rahi hu!

Been on a plane?: no, not yet!

Seen someone die?: yes. My brother. The scene left such an imprint , it still gives me shudders when I remember that night!!

Been to Canada?: what the hell is this question doing here???

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: yeah! I bet with my friend that I can keep my hand on the flame longer than he can, and then, we both ended up burning our hands!!

Been jet-skiing?: No. want to!!!

Met someone in person from the Internet?: not yet, but planning to.

Taken pain killers?: yeahh, recently! I won’t recall the whole incident as I’ve already answered this question in another tag.

Flown a kite?: yes and no. o\On my own, I couldn’t make it rise at all. But when my brothers gave me an already -in-the-air kite, then I could fly it with ease!

Built a sand castle?: It was more like ’soil’ castle. Never been to a beach, so jo banaya that was in my garden!

Gone puddle jumping?: oh yes! Yes! Yes! And such fun it was!!

Cheated while playing a game?: hmm.. Though I don’t like doing so, but when I was 9 or 10 and we used to play hide n seek, I did!

Been lonely?: I prefer being lonely. Leave me alone, and I’m happy!

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: yeah! In my maths class at school and in biology class at my institute.

Used a fake ID?: yeah. I remember, just once I guess. That was in Bal Bhawan and I used it so that I could go on a trip for which I was legally not allowed being underage!

Felt an earthquake?: 3 times. The first one I felt was a strong one, the one that hit Chamoli in 1999. I remember I was watching ‘dil se’ (horrible movie, amazing music) and I felt the bed shaking and I actually hit my mum n told her to stop doing that! Thankfully, she was sleeping soundly, so I got off with it!! hehe.
Second time, we were in class, ghar ja ke pata chala it was a mild earthquake.
And the third time… gawd!!! That was hilarious!! This very year, the day after HP7 was released, I slept late at night after I completed the book and there some scenes where voldemort talked through the walls of Hogwarts. And well, when the earthquake struck in the wee hours, and my bed shook, I literally woke up and told voldemort to stop using my bed as a microphone and shut up! And I know this, coz my mother was there and she watched that! Imagine how ridiculous it would’ve been!

Touched a snake?: stomped on one (bare feet), while strolling through the fields in my village. Then, ran the complete three kms. to my place and to my horror- my cousin, who had seen what had happened came after me carrying that snake(apparently, it was harmless) and kept scaring me for the rest of my stay there! (4 days to be precise)

Slept beneath the stars?: many times, whenever I visit my native place.

Been robbed?: not exactly.

Been misunderstood?: haven’t yet been understood once! (except by my best friend, cheena)

Won a contest?: hmmm.. Some inter-school quizzes and debates, a few singing competitions, a karate duel, a swimming competition and was in the winning team of the best pyramid (gymnastics) (pata hai, mujhe dekh ke aisa lagta nahi hai, but its true! Seriously!)

Run a red light/stop sign?: will you stop reminding me I cant drive! heyy, wait a min. I did that!! It isn’t necessary to drive a car! I was driving a bike!

Been suspended from school?: yes! Yes! Yes! ohh.. I love this one… I got suspended this very year only…
Hmmm.. me n a bunch of friends gave wrong addresses on our i-cards... (for eg. I wrote.. no. 12 Grimmauld place, London).. n went about wearing those for 2 months.. nobody caught us!...but then.. there was an idiot in another class.. who wrote 'harry potter' in the place of her name.. n obviously.. she got caught!!n our princi.. knowing very well that it could not have been her idea, and there had to be some other mastermind behind it, got a thorough checking done.. yet v managed to stay out of trouble.. (don’t ask me how, that’s highly classified top secret!!!)But then, determined as she was to catch the 'ghapla masters'(that’s the name we were rechristened with after the whole episode).. so she ordered the photographer to get the original slips.. the ones v filled.. n once she got them.. well.. as they say.. 'bhanda phoot gaya'..v were suspended for a week.. n it was soooo much fun!!!
N the cause... Well, it was the 'lack' of discipline!!n besides.. the urge to do something which we'll remember for life!!n my dad, in spite of being a vice principal himself, was cool bout it..n when my princi called him.. he told her that "u r not punishing the students.. u just giving them a gift they'll be only too happy to receive!!.. u should be thankful to them.. coz they brought out such a huge flaw in your administration!!"....imagine that!! that really p***ed off my princi!! hehehe...

Been in a car accident?: no, I guess not.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night? I don’t quite fancy ice-cream that much!

Walked the streets drunk?: planning to.

Had déjà vu?: so many times!

Danced in the moonlight?: yeahh, once when I went to my bua’s place. We cousins danced through the night. Wo bhi kya din the!!

Witnessed a crime?: yeah. Chain-snatching.

Been obsessed with post-it notes?: no

Squished barefoot through the mud?: yup!! Loved it!!

Been lost?: no… don’t remember.

Been on the opposite side of the country?: havnt been further than Ahmadabad!!

Swum in the ocean?: no

Cried yourself to sleep?: many times

Played cops and robbers?: obviously1 I guess, everybody would have done that during their childhood.

Recently colored with crayons?: .yeahh… for Kalrav’s homework. His drawing is horrible!

Sung karaoke?: . keep doing that every time!

Paid for a meal with only coins?: yup!

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?: yeah. Recently I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk to someone, after a pretty serious misunderstanding, but ended up reconciling with him/her.

Made prank phone calls?: oh yes!! I had completely forgotten this one!!
Yes yes! When I was in 6th or 7th... my friend came to my place.. n then we called up her brother... (we knew he was alone at that time) n told him in scary voices that the police is coming to arrest him (he was the same age as us) and then kept calling again n again.. till he got really scared..!!

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: nopes

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: yes!!!!!! Though I don’t remember what I wrote!!

Blown bubbles?: yes ! Everyone must have done that!

Bonfire on the beach?: bonfire… yes. On the beach… no! well, the story goes like this… I went on an NCC trip to Rajasthan. While returning, me and a bunch of friends decided to deviate from the group so that we could do a li’l bit of shopping (girls! What else do you expect!!). So, there we were… shopping and enjoying while everybody else was wondering where we were… and finally when we reached the hotel a good hour and a half late by the scheduled time, everybody was damn worried and furious! So, we got this ‘little’ punishment… we were not allowed to enter the hotel before midnight, and had to spend a few hours outside in the chilly winds (well, it was 25th of December and Mount Abu can get really frosty!) n if it hadn’t been for the bonfire we would’ve died of hypothermia!

Cheated on a test?: yeah.. Was studying for a test in insti and had an exam the next day in school… desperate measures…

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: nope!

Now, today is 8th of November, 2007. So, that means, I completed this in 9 days. Not that bad! could’ve been worse!

P.S.:N plzz.. This time.. My frnz… comment here itself! Not on orkut!
P.S. 2: this tag was awessomme!!! well, nobody tagged me for this one... n wen my patience ran out.. i decided to do it myself!!