My baby starts walking!

N.O.W. Magazine (if you don't know about it by NOW, you really should go and drown in your own bath-tub.) is a week old and has already made its debut in the papers! Here's a recent article covering the launch from HT City.
Needless to say, this (and a couple of other things as well) is what has been keeping me from blogging regularly. I'll return soon, I promise!


The Time is N.O.W.

Finally! The cat's out of the bag. The project that had been keeping me for so long is finally out for everyone to ogle at! My (our?) dear magazine- a Youth magazine with a twist- presenting....

- Nothing Official Within

The N.O.W. Story.... or at least a part of it!

Once upon a time, on a hot lazy summer day, a group of Delhi University students sat down at Nirulas, North Campus and discussed an idea for a youth/ student magazine for the University of Delhi circle. 
The rest, as they say, is history.
August 12, 2009. NOW Vol 1 issue hits a DU college near you!
Stay away if you value your sanity.

And yes, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friends and fellow bloggers- Amith and Ayush (AwSM and Aupsy) without whose generosity and support, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. I'm grateful to blogsville for I found such great friends here!

Author's Note: In case you're not a DU student or a delhi-ite, not to fret! If you want a copy, just dop a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get back to you. (Ah! I can be such an angel if I want to be, can't I? *snigger snigger*)