Well, I kno I wasn't supposed to post anything new till I'm over with my exams... but...

Actually, I have this irksome habit of writing anything just about anywhere! And precisely coz of this, i have lost quite a few of my 'k'reations.. wrote 'em on whatever was available at that tym.. n then forgot all about it!

But this creation here didn't end up (like all the others) in the trash only coz i chose my chemistry (well! thats wat m sposd to be studying, since its the first xam!) register and (boo hoo!!) wen my sir opened it... well.. u can very well guess now.. this is the first thing he came across and then...

I dont think there's any need to say further..!

just read it.. and ull know...!!

Beside the moonlit river,
In the dead of the night,
Locked in his embrace,
Her world seems so bright,

She looks like a dream,
He- A heavenly respite.
Together they stand,
A symbol of everlasting love,

She turned to face him,
Her lips parted slightly,
Yet she just stood there,
A soft petal- Ever so naive.

She smiled slightly,
And he responded,
Should I? Or should I not?'
He didn't move, just pondered,
Then he crossed the threshold,
And she surrendered!

She could feel his breath,
Her hands in his,
The world had come to a halt,
They could feel eternal bliss,
The river was silent, and so were the birds,
Looking elsewhere and giving it a miss,
This was their 'moment'!
As they became one in THE KISS!!!


interruption regretted

This blog is rendered incapable till the 20th of March, i.e., the time till the author gives her board exams! Till then there won't be any posts on the blog. So, no use in clicking on the link to it...

By the order of,
Author's Father.

P.S.- obvio i (kriti) wrote it myself.. (dad hasnt got a clue dat i evn 'have' a blog!! hehe..) i jst wanted to giv it an 'official' kindi of a feel.. isliye ainwe types likh diya bas!!