When I say- Oh! I am fine!
I want someone 
To look me in the eyes
And say- tell the truth!

When I say- I don’t care!
I want someone
To shake me up
And ask- What’s bothering you?

When I say- I hate that guy!
I actually mean- 
I am hopelessly in love with him

When I say- I am not at all romantic,
All I mean is-
I hope someone loved me too

When I sigh,
And say- Ok! I’ll do it!
I want you to understand-
I am human too!

When my insides are burning,
And yet there’s a smile on my face,
I just want you to 
Hold me close,
Hug me tight,
And say- it’ll be alright! 


Feedback Required


I have to write a short piece on gender discrimination in public transportation for Metro Now, a Delhi based newspaper. Kindly opine on the following:-

Should seats be reserved for women in modes of public transportation, specifically the Metro and buses? Why/why not?

Please mail your replies to anubhav.p16@gmail.com


Anubhav Pradhan



The tears like pearls,
Fell from her amber eyes,
Her heart a million pieces,
Her wishes trodden
Her dreams shattered,
A dark future lay ahead.
She gazes at her own reflection,
Disheartened, yet sanguine,
A withering flower.
The howling wolves*,
And barking dogs,
Shatter the dense silence.
But, she’s away, far off,
In a land not yet conquered,
She wanders in deserts,
A lone soul, wondering
The depths of wonder itself,
From deserts to savannas,
Dusk to dawn,
Not crying anymore,
But searching the terrains.
For yes! She’s dreaming!
She dared to dream again!

*Copyright- Ampla Naidoo


...And then it ceased to exist

The grassland green,
A healthy sheen,
You, with her,
The blossoms wither.

The burning sun,
On me- a pun,
The feelings- condensed.
And darkness descends.

A solitary loon,
Beneath the moon,
Reminds me of myself,
(My heart on) The bottom-most shelf.

That last goodbye,
My tears run dry,
A lone bird,
The final word.

The ghostly strays,
She silently prays,
I watch and laugh,
(Snap) The twig in half.

And walk away.


As i mentioned in the previous post, I was in no fit mental state to come up with anything productive. This is an all time low phase in my life and the last thing I intended was to write. But somehow, I ended up writing this poem which is in no way related to me or anybody I know for that matter (I hope that will put an end to all the crazy speculations). 

Feel free to interpret in any way you want to...


Magificence of Existence*

Veils of dark clouds,
Prevailing to blinding nights,
I dare not go.
Why should I?
Where howling wolves
Of lost distance
Nights rise.
Lies- evil with black tormented lives
With bloody red eyes
And liquid green skins.
With frowns of sadness
As if evil missed life themselves.
In that ecliptic night with twinkling stars they await me
With open eyes to end that dreadful life
That I live
Sandwiched between glass and steel and life itself,
I look into the height
Of the night
And see no Gods cry at my being,
But I see beauty,
Beauty of the dark night
With sparkling skies and shy moons
A question poses itself
Should I leave such beauty?
Beauty of the night,
Beauty of life itself
If worth ending it all,
Accepting the out-stretched arms of evil
I shall live life like a knight
With no fear of the night,
Or of life itself.

* Donated by Ampla Naidoo to keep the blog alive as apparently I am in no fit mental state to write something.