With every passing day
I aim to reach the sky,
With every passing night
It seems evermore high.

My dreams and aspirations
Will they ever be fulfilled?
Winners I do see and ask-
“Am I not as skilled?”

My talent and abilities
I have started to doubt
“You are a hopeless loser”
They all seem to shout.

Sometimes I wonder-
‘Why was I born at all?
Is there a ray of hope
That could move away this pall?’

Are wishes and yearnings
Never meant to come true?
I pray to god that someday
Mine just might do.

Failure and disappointment
Is all that is left?
I don’t even know why
Am I stuck in a cleft?

What do know is that
Somehow I’m still alive.
And there’s still faith left
That I just might survive.



Take me away
To the world of my dreams,
Please lead the way
You know what I mean,
Take me to heaven
Let me rest there,
Or just take me to hell
And let me pay.

For dreaming to be someone
That I could never be,
For doing things that you ne’er expected.
I know how hard
For you, it must have been.
Holding my hand like that
You always lead.

My guiding light,
My pillar of strength,
A shoulder to cry on,
A life-long friend,
And you make me glad,
Oh! I love you dad!

Promise me
That you’ll be near.
Don’t ever go
I hold you dear.
Take me with you
And set me free.
Or leave me back here
And let me be.

Open your eyes for once
And see the world around.
Please this time
Do what I say.
Just look at the colours
And radiance abound.
Please God, do grant this wish
Of mine, I pray.

Your benign love,
That warm embrace,
A pleasant smile,
On that charming face,
All that makes me glad,
Oh! I love you dad!


When the sun shines,
And the rain pours,
I see you there,
Just like before,
Calling out my name,
Looking out for me,
Standing there,
All alone.
I know it’s not true.
Still I can’t believe,
You’re an illusion!

That first kiss
On the night before,
You slipped the ring,
Promised ne’er to go,
I loved you.
You loved me.
But together we were not meant to be.
I know you were not there.
Still I can’t believe,
You’re an illusion!

Gazing at the sky,
Looking at that star,
All I wish for is that faint smell of yours
Wanna hug you, hold you,
Get lost in those deep eyes of yours.
Baby, come to me, hold me, kiss me,
Till death do us apart.
But how could you,
Coz you’re an illusion!
An illusion…
An illusion…