Random Rigmarole-1

Once again, i find myself slogging through Giraffe's class, listening to his incessant blabberings of 'ethical systems, morality, cheetahs and Harappa ( believe me.. i dont know HOW in the world are these related!).

"For example..." is all i gather. All other fiddle-faddle goes over my head. And yes, i know for a fact that this particular example was exemplifying another example!

What's so interesting about this man ( well.. atleast that's what I find intriguing!) is the fact that he reckons that we (his students! du-uh!) are a bunch of mentally retarded chimps who, no matter what, will NEVER understand him (with double emphasis on 'never'). So, he has to resort to crude sign language and yeahh his 'illustrating, exemplifying examples'.

But that won't deter me from mentioning that he has this sexyyyyyyy voice ( dont take me wrong people.. he's a lecturer.. over 50 probably!) which reminds me of Andrew (this cute (umm.. well.. not exactly! :P) guy in my class who has the world's most soothing voice... and i am NOT exaggerating when i say 'the world's'!). So, coming back to point... Giraffe's voice...... mmmmmmm......... Srry.. was lost again! (:P). When this guy starts speaking.. nobody cares if whatever he utters seems completely out of sync with the subject that he's supposed to be teaching. Ki fark painda hai? So, I try to pay attention... fail.. miserably... lol!

Fianlly, when i have tried really to make head or tail of whatever he's saying, i give up the attempt and instead end up playing 'the random game' with Riley. The rule is- write the first thing that comes to your mind.. arre yaar.. u kno.. random stuff... and we ended up mentioning everything from homosexuality to surf excel to eunuchs and debbie..lolzz! (srry.. dats like an inside joke. Cant go into details now. else this post will never be published.. and debbie will sue me for 'her' sex-change operation!)

[to be contd..... (yeahh.. 'j'. i kno uve like copyrighted this particualr phrase and all.. so.. go ahead. sue me... see ya in court!)]



Alienated in a foreign land,
Lost in a human sea,
Every second life drags along,
To his incessant plea!

In a dark, dingy cell,
His heavy breathing resounds,
the silent screams of his shattered dreams,
Muffling all other sounds!

Crouched on the floor,
He perpetually prays for deliverance,
Legs crossed, his head bowed low,
He still awaits his sentence!

His freedom is forever lost,
What was once bright now grim,
"Peace shall come", he knows,
The harmony of death awaits him!



My 2nd hindi poem on this blog...
wrote it a long time back and then forgot all about it. Came across it while searching for some notes, so i thought I'd better put it up lest I forget again!
check it out..

कब कहा मैंने कि इक दिन,
करके दिखा दूंगा तुम्हे कुछ,
कब कहा मैंने कि इक दिन,
बन के दिखा तुम्हें कुछ,
मैं तो ठहरा तुच्छ प्राणी,
मेरी दुनिया मेरा घर था,
सिमटा हुआ हर पल था मेरा,
वक़्त मेरा भी प्रखर था,
थम गयी है ज़िन्दगी औ',
बुझ गया एहसास भी है,
राह में जलता है दीपक,
मन में दबी इक साँस भी है,
मर चुका हूँ मैं पर अब भी,
वो सुलगती आस भी है.