The Vicious Circle

They say
  it’s a circle. Oh! But it’s not! The
  phoenix will never rise from the ashes again.
  Blow after blow, the poor creature bled, its tears a
  terrible tinge of red. But it wasn't dead. There were more
  aversions awaiting it- The fire in hell- burning, seeking. But it
  won't go. For the phoenix was meant to rise, and though
  it’s just ashes, The soul is somewhere alive. And it
  will come to life when the heavens mourn its
  death, when God Himself would

And bless the sacred creature
But when! Oh When?


Captive freedom

Remember the day
we kissed
and you lay bare
you heart?
I could see
right through it.
That little,
malicious thing,
Satan in disguise!
Oh! How it disgusted me...
To think
that I loved one
who knew not what love is!
I made another mistake,
I thought
I could teach you;
I assumed
you were willing to learn;
Little did I realise
that you didn't want
the soul
I was willing to part with
for you.
What you required
was the flesh and bone
that were of no consequence.
I gave it away...
My entire being
was at your disposal!
You were ecstatic,
over the moon.
Thought you had bought me
with all your gifts
and the (false) affection
you showered upon me.
Little did you realise
that the smile on my face
was cynical,
not supportive.
Little did you know
that you had not
secured  me for yourself,
but set me free
to discover the joys
of my new-found freedom!