Filthy F**kin' Bastard!

Blotches of red on the white marble,

A pool of red at my feet,

My hand boasts of 23 cuts,

(some of them need stitches mind you),

No easy feat!

But hatred that wells within me,

A loathing so deep embedded,

It will echo in your heart and soul,

Long after I am dead.

You won't feel guilty,

You filthy f**kin' bastard

May you rot in hell,

And if alive, be cursed!

You know not what you did to me,

Why the hell would you care?

After all, you got it... didn't you?

You've had your 'share'!

Mark my words,

For they will bloom,

Justice shall be done,

And your entire kind is doomed!


Happy Birthday Kreation!!

A the title blatantly suggests, its Kreation's first anniversary today!
A year of blogging!

It still seems the other day when I came across this guy's profile on orkut. He had included a link to his blog on his profile. I decided to give it a look... just out of curiosity. At that time, I wasn't even aware of the word 'blog'! I had to Google it to find out. Somehow, I liked this guy's blog... and decided to give it a shot myself. Initially, I made a blog on wordpress... and then.. forgot the password! (the quintessentially 'technically' challenged ME! What else could you expect?!)

Came across blogger.. dunno how.. liked it.. found it simple enough.. and that was when "kreation" came into being!

After a complete year of blogging, I had huge plans for my bloggie's bday. But as it turns out, somehow, i didn't even get the time to update it this morning. At 10 in the night.. here I am.. with so much to write and so little time!!

So, what I'm gonna do right now.. is.. well.. ill just include a few links here. Old posts.. either close to my heart.. or they got good reviews.. whatever might be the case..
For people who missed them somehow.. and for those who would like to re-read them.. you are welcome!

Awakening- My very first poem on this blog. In fact, initially I thought I'd call my blog "awakening".. but somehow.. it didn't fit.. and then... "kreation" happened!

The Beginning and End of it- This one's really close to my heart.. personal reasons! By the way, Thank you Nick. Remember.. you were the one who actually challenged me to write this?

The Daughter They Never Wanted- Inspired. Can't mention the source. But.. everything.. every single thing... that I mention in this.. is true!

आ रहा हूँ मौत मैं भी- My first Hindi poem on the blog.

The Kiss- :-P

What QMS taught me- A dedication to my dear school... and an insight into what it really stands for!

Dad- I wrote this one, composed it into a song.. and my dad still isn't aware that I wrote a song especially for him! :-(

Love- Defined - Feeling all lovey-dovey? check this out! no? still check it out.. this one got some really good reviews!

And more recently.. Incognito- Read it to know why it has been included here!

To all my readers, friends, foes, classmates, seniors, juniors (and what-nots!)... Thank you all for being here.. for your precious comments and valuable insights. I hope this bond strengthens further...


To The MBA Guy- you know who you are...

I apologise for delaying the post that I promised to you. I experienced some strict time crunches this week. But as promised, the post will be put up in a short while. Probably today itself. If not, then definitely by Tuesday.
Hoping for a positive response.




At 8:20 a.m. on a Monday, the most hectic day in college, i find myself in 912 (which is thankfully DTC and not a blue line. Though it doesn't make much difference now.) sitting on the seat right before the conductor's. A genteel girl is standing nearby, definitely very uncomfortable (who wouldn't be if there were two pe****s rubbing against you ), yet bearing it all.

Her face speaks of an agony that stretches far beyond this bus-ride. A daughter's agony, whose father doesn't believe in her but has full-faith on her evidently useless brothers and everyday, she steps out the 'comfort' of the house into this big bad world which is chiefly plagued with predators; only to prove her father wrong. Only.

Her neatly manicured hands, nicely done hair and a carefully chosen pin-striped crisp cotton shirt with a vest screams that she is dying to be noticed- by you, by me, by her colleagues, her friends and the man of her dreams. Her dreamy eyes betray the solemn look on her face. They speak of dreams unheard of. Dreams of reaching such heights that its not expected, even atrocious, of her to even 'think' of them.

She doesn't tell you that she comes from a family which has difficulty in providing the basic comforts... no, not comforts... the basic needs; but the cuffs of her shirt, flared at ends and her jeans, torn... in a way that is certainly not 'fashionable' let you in on this secret.

Her dusky complexion, sharp features and a square jaw, possibly inherited from her father, exude certain exuberance, beauty. Beauty, that is not flamboyant or dumb but made even more charming by the asperities that she under-went.

She speaks... oh yes, she does!
She tries hard to sound disdainful and overbearing but there's an unmistakable hint of diffident modesty in her voice that she fails to conceal even after trying hard to sound reticent and withdrawn.

A blood red handkerchief in her hand speaks of a passion that she seems incapable of possessing, but nonetheless its an insight into the romantic that's buried deep inside her heart. She won't tell you how much she doted on a certain chocolate-boy- "OH! He's just okay."- but deep down she wishes to have a complete fairy-tale existence.

If there is one thing she is adept at, its ensconcing her wishes. Dreams are one thing, they wiggle out even if she doesn't want them too. There she has no control. But wishes- only she is aware of her wishes- no one else.
Not you.
Not me.

And she gets off.



Yes, I see,
But I don't believe,
I know it can't be true.

She isn't dead,
She will return,
For she promised that she would.

(P.S.- These lines are dedicated to the most special woman in my life. She left me 5 years back but i know she is still there, watching over me, and I can still hear her... calling out my name, telling me what to do and what not to, guiding me... forever.. she will be with me! Bless me 'dearest', because you blessings are all I need, that would be my salvation.)

(P.S.2- Comments have been disabled because for the first time in my life I don't want to know what you think of this particular 'kreation'.)

Thanks for visiting anyways. :)



Yes, you guessed right. I was tagged five months ago by Ayush(http://aupsy.blogspot.com/) and Nishi(http://nishiaggarwal.blogspot.com/) simultaneously. I was not exactly 'very busy' during these last 5 months, as is obvious from the fact that I DID manage to update my blog! But now, when I have a hundred-thousand things to do, a million ideas waiting to be penned down and a zillion assignments awaiting my return, patiently; that i've decided to do this tag which is actually quite thakela (dont mind ..).
So, instead of blabbering on and on and on... lets just get started.

Four schools/colleges/jobs I’ve been at in my life :

1)Playway school, mall road (presently- American Playway, Model Town): That was where my mum decided to dump me when she went on her 'save-the-world' sprees. LOL. Seriously speaking, my first school... this one holds a very special place in my heart. This is where 'Kriti Sharma' was first discovered. This is where the dormant stubborn gene showed its true colors... and yeahh.. this is where the kid who sat right behind me used to 'potty' in his pants everyday! [ if i had used any other word... it wudnt have had the same effect.. wotsay? ;-)]

2) Queen Mary's School, Tis Hazari: Now now.. THAT was where i spent my 14 saal ka vanvaas. From nursery to class 12th QMS was one helluva experience. It kicked off with me reprimanding my nursery teacher (when she scolded me for doing other childrens' classwork once i had finished my own!) with "mere tauji aapko aisa thappad maarenge ki aapka sir ghoom jayega!"... and ended with an equal bang with me being suspended in class 12th and (not 'for'!) shouting at my princi! (that's what SHE thought... i am such a sweet demure... y wud i do that? :P). But yeahh.. i did manage to pass with a good-enough 89% in class 10th and an equally acceptable 76% in class 12th.. so.. i wasn't exactly the 'gundi' that everyone thought I was!!
Overall, a bittersweet but nonetheless, a self-discovering journey which taught me so much that i cant even remember all of it now! hehe..

3) Bal Bhawan,ITO: That was where I embarked on a journey of self-discovery (still haven't reached my destination, but i am pretty close to it!). Under the superb guidance of Gaur Sir (i miss you!) and a dear friend Anjum ( who has even forgotten my name! Asshole! But i cant exactly blame him.. its been more than 4 years now..) I discovered the poetess in me. That was where my love of books scaled great heights (after all, i was one of the few privileged ones who had access to the 'restricted section' of the library!) and yeah, this was the place that gave me the person I cherish most in my life!

4) Ramjas college: What to say! I fell in love with the college when I visited it for the first time and this affair will continue for the next 3 years and even after ive passed out from the college. Thanks to Ramjas i have friends who actually live up to the word. Riley and Abassi (which means 'god'.. so "A".. thank me!) and me... together make a whacko team. Not to forget the others- Debbie (m soo sorry! but srsly debzzz.. i cant help it! lol!), K (the gorgeous one!), F (mast bandi! bas kabhi college aa jaya kare!))KK (the most decent guy ive ever met.. like.. seriously!), Annie (not anen! The demure, coy and bashful lil gal! Sweetness personified!) and Sam (probably a future best friend!).

Four TV shows I love to watch :

Those who are on my GTalk or Messenger list know that if I am at home then I'm online- full time. That means, I don't watch TV at all except for the occasional cricket match or news-bulletin. But, I've had my own share of 'all-time favorites'.. and that is precisely what I am going to mention.

1) CARTOONS: Which moron hasn't grown up with these? my personal favorites are Ton n Jerry, Aladdin, Ducktales, Talespin, Mogli ( m obsessed with it till date! My ringtone is the title song- jangal jangal baat chali hai!).. not to forget.. some of the more recent ones, which i had to watch coz my bro won't let me watch anything else till last year ( not that he lets me now.. ive just given up trying!)- Shinchan (Gosh! i was.. no .. AM obsessed with that wicked lil kid.), Doraemon (pretty stupid and repetitive.. time-pass nonetheless.), Pokemon (okay.. That was one which had me hooked!), Ben 10.. and well.. its a never-ending list!

2)The O.C. and Indian Idol: Yeah.. a weird combo. but these are two shows that I was hooked on to during the time I was preparing for my class 10th boards. Used to watch OC at 2am standing so close to the tv screen that had I been a TV as well.. we wud have actually made out there and then (weird thought .. yeahh... ewww...!) and the volume turned down to '1' so that mom wont wake up!

3)The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus: Some exceptional acts, some equally lousy ones.. but nonetheless.. a great stress buster.. both these shows!

4)ummmm....... well....... umm....... lets just say.. the Twenty20 world-cup! That was like a regular prime-time soap, though much more exciting!

Four places I have lived :

2) Delhi
3) Delhi
and.. finally...
4) Delhi
by the way.. did i mention DELHI???!!
I am a pakki dilliwali!!! Don't wanna go anywhere else!

Four movies I can watch over and over :

1)Sholay: Okay. Thats a cliche. But everyone knows... characters like Gabbar, Jai and Viru and Thakur and that "angrzon ke zamane ka jailor" cant be reproduced (on screen)!
2)Satte-Pe-Satta: Another Amitabh flick, but this story of 7 brothers and their 'chain kuli ki main kuli' is one movie that never ever bores me!
3) Golmaal (old one.. with amol palekar!): classic comedy!! Need I say more about this movie?
4) Hitch: the name speaks for itself!
There are some others that need mention- Kal Ho Na Ho (phenomenal movie!), Serendipity, Titanic, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, 27 Dresses, Pearl Harbour...

Four books I liked the most (read in recent times) :

I am a self-confessed bibliophile, but that doesn't mean that the stuff I read is the best out there, no, but its certainly something Ilike!
1)The Fountainhead: I don't have to say anything about this book,I can't.. I am not qualified enough! But it taught me some things that I'm gonna cherish all my life!
2)The Shadow Lines: This is what Wikipedia says about the book- "It is a book that well captures the perspectival view of time and events, of lines that bring people together and hold them apart, lines that are clearly visible on one perspective and nonexistent on another. Lines that exist in the memory of one, and therefore in another's imagination. A narrative built out of an intricate, constantly criss-crossing web of memories of many people, it never pretends to tell a story. Rather it invites the reader to invent one, out of the memories of those involved, memories that hold mirrors of differing shades to the same experience." I agree! Whole-heartedly!
3)The Home And The World: A book where everyone is polaying games with evryone and end up fucking their own lives.. thats how i think the book is best described! No offence to Mr. Tagore though. I, personally, luuurve how he shaped up Bimala's character, how she transformed from a husband-worshipping, homely typical Indian wife to the epitome of the Indian woman... bharatmata.. or the mother of bengal! Then, there's Nikhil whose only aim in life, I guess, is to play with people like pawns on a chess-board. And, in the end, Mr. Sandip... one guy, who definitely knows what he wants.. and how to get it!
4) Harry Potter series: kiddish.. yeahh.. stupid. maybe.. but this is one series that actually made me read!!

Four places I have been on holiday:

1)Mussoorie: The first and probably (not hopefully!) the last place I went to with my school friends. A cup of tea in one hand, pakoras in another, standing in the balcony, surrounded by heavy mist as the sun sets and the enchanting valley of dehra lights up.. it was one magical trip. My only regret- I lost a dear friend of mine on that trip. Still, ill cherish the times we spent together!
2)Rajasthan: A 3-4 days trip every year to my hometown... and a 10-day long trip with the NCC team 4 years back.... I wish i could go back in time and see the forts and palaces bustling with life as the maharajas ponder over matters of the state... fascinating!
3)Ahmedabad: went there as a kid, don't remember anything except watching Biwi No.-1 in the drive-way theatre.. which was even visible from our balcony.. so .. in a way, we could have watched it from the comfort of our home without even having to shell a single rupee! :P
4)Umm.. does sitting in the comfort of my home, here in Delhi itself, count??

Four of my favourite dishes:
Ah.. now that's a good one!

1)Shahi Paneer: Anytime!! This 'shahi' dish excited my taste buds like no other!
2)French Fries: No one makes em better than me! (though, it doesn't quite qualify as a dish.. does it?)
3)Chhole bhature: After all, I am a delhiite.. and i have punjabi blood running through my veins!
4)Chilli Potatoes: The chinese version of french fries...... mmmm.....

Four websites I visit daily:

1)Orkut :Baby.. I'm addicted!
2)Gmail and Yahoo Mail
and there's another one- Bored.com.. its quite fun actually.. check it out!

Four places I would rather be right now:

1) Exactly where I was a day before! In my college.. with.. you-know-who.. my head on his/her shoulder.. no one uttering a single word.. the best silent conversation!
2) In my college.. again.. at our adda ('the heaven' we call it!) but with friends this time! :P
3)In Hogwarts!
4)Back in mussoorie... a cup of tea in my hand.. watching the sun-set from my friend's house over the cliff!

Four music tracks playing on my comp(of late):

1)Bet On It: High School Musical 2
2)When You're Gone: Avril
3)Secret Crowds: AVA
4) Jeena isi ka naam hai: Rak kapur's oldie...

Four people I am tagging :


that was loooong.. wasn't it?
OK.. it wasnt as lame as i thought it was..