a folly yet disfavored
even as skewed perceptions
drive her on unwavered

to claim what is rightfully hers
albeit a little tipsy
a tiger that gingerly purs

when gently stroked
plumb, he just lay there
and she, provoked

worked her magic
and turned what once was
a tale of love: tragic

the miasma then engulfed
veiled her consummation
while his shrieks
played a melody with her laughter
and the howling winds
drowned it all.


Bad Punnery

It's raining cats and dogs.
Well, as long as it doesn't reindeer.
When it comes to big arm chairs
I have a deep-seated fear.

Chairs are meant to be chairished
Royal chairs are rarely throne out
Those two duchesses arguing about their husbands?
They decided to duke it out.

Now, politicians have a talent
They double-cross each bridge
The plumber explained that the problem in my
kitchen was just water under the fridge.

But since we’ve reached the kitchen
I must dish out some advice
Do not believe what you hear
About fleas and ticks -- it's all lice

Never ask a boxer for a drink
Because they're tight fisted.
Poor sweep who tried was thrown down
A chimney, and was black-listed.

You’d be surprised to hear what
Really got this all started
‘Twas two peanuts who walked into a bar
And one of them was a-salted