Made of Steel

Picture Courtesy: 'Melting Face' by Hannah Slade

I always wanted more from you
Than you were willing to give
And one day we shall grow apart
As even the best of friends do
With our different lives to live

Remembrances are still alive
Of that sticky gooey past that won’t leave
The days in the sun that didn’t last
Only the ghosts of tears remain
What choice do I have now but to grieve?

All beauty’s dead, shut out in the cold
I try but cannot feel
I do not know my world anymore
I am strong, yes; but then
I'm not made of steel
I'm not made of steel


Note: Title inspired by Our Lady Peace's song by the same name. 


It's that bad?

Him: I had a dream.

Her: Hmm...

Him: About you.

Her. Oh! What was it?

Him: It was horrible, darling! I saw... I saw that your head was cut off and I was... I was wandering around trying to find some way of putting it together... all the while carrying the amputated head in my hands. It was terrible, terrible! Please promise me you'd stay close. Promise you wouldn't leave me.

Her: I promise, honey.

(After a 2 minute pause)

Her: So, you reckon my face is so bad you cut it off even in your dreams?

You'd rather I had a TV for my head, don't you?