LOVE- Defined

No word is enough to describe the magic,
No feeling yet so pure,
The meaning of love is still a mystery,
I wish I could know more.

What is love, but a soft petal,
Ever so chaste and naïve,
That shrivels and dries up,
From its precious flower if bereaved.

What is love but a strong force,
Mighty rivers it puts to shame,
And can halt time’s ceaseless flow,
Make even the mountains look lame.

A tender bond that binds us,
And holds us forever near,
I wish to stay entrapped eternally,
To one that I hold dear.

A gentle word so sweet and true,
Illuminating my soul,
Our souls have indeed become one,
And its you that I behold.

You are my sky, my sun, my sea,
My morning, noon and night,
I am lost in your magic,
With you everything’s right!

When I am with you,
Even eternity seems away,
With you even a second spent,
Feels like an entire day.

For what is love I knew not,
Until you came to me,
But now I know that love is real,
And it exists in me!


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

great...as alwaz...
m toh in love...(let ppl guess wid whom...u or ur poem!!! ) ;)

creation said...

thnx for being the first one to comment..
m obliged..

but ye to bata... wen will i get an affirmative answer to my proposal???!!!!
(now.. they'll be racking their brains!)

Nishi said...

@above : LOL:)

great work ...

love is when someone breaks your heart and u still love them with every broken piece....

keep writing :)

creation said...

great work??!!


now dats wat i call a compliment...
dil khush kar ditta!!

"love is when someone breaks your heart and u still love them with every broken piece...."
.... and with all the cuts on ur hand"

(added this part from my personal experience)

arunima said...

hand down to d princess of poetry!
have got d natural instincts of a poet!!
remind me of a poet in my first yr.... keep it goin gal! :)

priyanka said...

i tuchd my heart..hhmm surely ur in luv..

creation said...


*blush.... bow... blush... bow*

thnk u...!!


i am in love.. am i rlly??

no idea....

bluebutterfly said...

awww ....
thats just so beautiful !
there is like no perfect line or paragraph ..

the entire poem is perfect .. just beautiful !

and i also wanted to wish you luck for the result !

bluebutterfly said...

awww ....
thats just so beautiful !
there is like no perfect line or paragraph ..

the entire poem is perfect .. just beautiful !

and i also wanted to wish you luck for the result !

creation said...

thnxx.. for all that praise..

aapka aashirwaad hai!! lolzzz

result was ok ok types.. hope u did good too!!!

anu said...

it really touching yaar
i guess u in love
emotions pourin out lik anything

i loved "love-defined"
ttake care :)
nd tht eye on top is terrific...
keep it up

creation said...

u 'guess' m in love??

1st two comments padh le..


glad u liked the tempelate..

keep visiting!

Comfortably Numb said...

yea this is a nice post..And yea you definitely have the poetic essence...

Check this out if you wanna read about romance :)



C R D said...

rea;;y lovely. u said u cant define love, yet u did it quite well in the best way anyone possibly cud:)

creation said...

@ numb
thnx :)
n well.. poetic essence.. i guess i hav it .. yeahh!
thnx again!
keep visiting :)


glad u liked it!
keep visiting

bluebutterfly said...

so i just dropped by to check whether you had updated !
real nice template .. i really like this one ...
and of course then there is the pretty purple picture!
pretty !!!!!

p.s. ; how was the result ?

GREY said...

ur scrapbook is not allowing my scrap...probably it doesnt like violation of ur personal space... ofcourse...u hav every right to know...
both u n ur profile...came across it while searchin for some good delhi communities...read urs...saw the pics...went through ur blog page (good sense of humour + intelligence = turn on)...wanted to drop a scrap...when fate aided by ur security setup denied me to write my piece of thot in ur scrapbook... was compelled... to send the "fraandship rekoest" which decent girls dread so much these days in orkut...
n one more thing...an afterthot...tho its tough to judge ppl...u look angelic in that 1n1/2 by 1/2 inch profile pic...that added to my desire...neways...upto u to accept...sorry if i hav bothered u...

grey sands (from orkut)

Matangi Mawley said...

tht was beautiful..!

keep writing!

Comfortably Numb said...

Nice...I like it...and thanks for your comments..

btw u said you were blogrolling me..:P...Cant see my name though :-<


Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

nice.. :)
c dis.. bugsnerror.

Harry said...

wow! this was reallllllllllly sweet!

Bookworm said...

hey... im really impressed with your blog... great job keep it up...

anil_invisible said...


Its look like that you have experience with LOVE ..
Good work In poetry..

creation said...

@ grey...

must say. that is one helluva 'fraand rekoest'!!

@ matangi

thank u all for dropping by... ke visiting...! :)

u r there now!!

u rlly are invisible.. aint ya.... !!

anil_invisible said...

ya i m really invisible towards LOVE.
I think this is just time pass for youth.When you get older then no time for such things like "LOVE".
Only one thing remain thats called "MONEY".


Very nice.
why are you not writing now.
keep writing...

creation said...

@ anil..
actually.. i was tokin bout ur profile...

@man in painting..thanks for dropping by..
do keep visiting..

abhishek said...

nice poem...
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Anonymous said...

every time i read your poems i learn something new

creation said...


i hope next tym u visit my blog.. ill learn who u r..

Homer Simpson! said...


Thanks for the comment. I know the idea isnt new but then i guess its refreshing as in No one has written such stuff about Indian personalities :P. Everybody writes about western shit.


J said...

nice poem...
I know I m no Keats or Wordsworth to comment on ur poem but certainly not one of ur best poems....felt something missing...a few lines seem forced...rhyming scheme a little...

creation said...


yep! it IS refreshing!


was waiting for this..

i guess i can update my blog now

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

esp loved the last 2 stanza..

** am in love and always will be..**

lovely :)

creation said...

@ knatch

thanx for dropping by...!

Hari said...

It truly depicted what i understood about love !!


creation said...

@ Hari


Krishna said...

such a great blend of beautiful words and purest feelings

Krishna said...

such a great blend of beautiful words and purest feelings

Amrita.. said...

Aww..such a beautiful poem and so expressive!

Great Blog all in all! :)


creation said...

@ Amrita..

thnx dear


smriti said...

good one :)