Tag! (that's like the most innovative title for a post, ever. period. )

There's no denying it- this blog is pretty much dead. Partly, because there really haven't been any 'real' posts for quite sometime... just things I managed to publish inspite (and as a result) of a major Kreative Block. And to a certain extent because of the dwindling readership. I'm sure the reason's my recurring bouts of (in)sanity that lead me to proclaim that I'll be shutting down the blog forever, thus, driving away whatever exiguous number of readers it had. Yet, there are people who have made their presence felt and if the blog's alive the credit goes to them! Thank you!

One of the most consistent readers here is Aniket who was recently awarded this over at MoD. As his policy goes, "the award by default goes to anyone who drops a nice comment" over at MoD. That, technically, makes me a recipient of the award but frankly, I'm not a big fan of the idea of blog-awards. That is not to say that I don't appreciate them but if one honestly admires one's work then all awards become secondary. Genuine praise can be conveyed through mere words.  Blogosphere encourages distinct talents. No two bloggers can be compared then why distinguish? Everyone deserves an award! And so, I take it upon myself to forward this to every blogger who visits this page, comment or no comment! (Hey Aniket, who's more generous now? :P)

Now that we're done with the award policy crap, lets come to the point. The award constitutes of a tag as well. You're supposed to write down 7 random things about you. For anyone who knows me knows that I take pride in calling myself the epitome of randomness so no wonder I grabbed the award and the tag as soon as I laid my eyes on it. :D

1) I (along with R) have a habit of breaking into a rendition of humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apua'a by Ashley Tisdale just to bug people around me. :D

2) I get easily bored. Things, places, people, food... you name it, it bores me. I need to keep up the excitement factor somehow... meet new people, visit new places, etc. But that isn't exactly possible when you're an undergrad. Wait! A broke undergrad! Oh no! A broke undergrad whose life revolves around classes and college. (and don't tell me that I have so much opportunity to at least meet new people if not anything else. Trust me, I've tried.)

3) I've been suffering from a writers' block for ages now (why else am I doing a tag, eh?) and I thought I had gotten over it, but alas! That was just an illusion.

4) I carry two phones. One, for the sole purpose of messaging, the other to make calls. One of them has got a QWERTY. The funny thing is that the one that has the QWERTY isn't the one I use for messaging :P

5) I hate furniture, especially beds. I made my parents sell the original double-bed in my room the last year. Six months later, they got a new one- the ugliest monstrosity ever possible. 3 months after they had got it, I made them sell it yet again. I LOVE sleeping on the floor! :D

6) I'm pretty good at shutting people out of my life. No, not literally but more like shutting my mind to them. Once they've lost their rapport with me, once I've lost all respect for them there's just no way they can gain it back. Nope. Never. I'm darned good at growing indifferent to things. I can force myself to do it. (Tubelights got a taste of it recently and I'm sure he was scared enough to not make me do it in future *evil laugh*)

(It's been 10 minutes and I just can't think of a 7th thing. I've been repeatedly checking my phone for a call that'll never come. Life sucks!)

7) Oh yes! YES YES YES! Life sucks! "Life Sucks!" I say that at least187 times a day. It's my motto. Gee!

So there! I'm done with my tag. Although now I can think of another 70 random things. It's weird. You can never remember anything when you want to write about it but once you drop the idea of writing it all comes flooding your mind like anything. And before I ramble on and into another tag, I'll take leave so as not to lose the ikka-dukka readers this blog knows. Ciao!


I prefer our forests green...

I prefer our forests green, not black.
Lets keep them so.

 Another shot from the Sat Tal collection. 


The memory... for it's all that's left.

 I will always hold this memory even though you won't care,
And the scar you left in my heart will always be there.

The picture was taken in Sat Tal, UK (Uttarakhand, for the dimwits), India.