The Hut-ke Adventure

 “Many who build castles in the air cannot build a hut on earth”. I did both! Woohoo!!!
Err.. that didn't have the 'dramatic' effect, did it?

Alright then... let us cut the crap and get to the point.

This particular Kreation has a long story behind it. Don't worry, I won't go into the details, but a little background knowledge won't hu(r)t. It so happened that my dear kid brother had to submit a project- a hut. Although his teacher informed them a week ago it was only yesterday that he remembered it (well, of course! It had to be submitted today, you see, and he happens to be the stereotypical procrastinating student and hence the delay).  Although he wanted to make it himself, I knew better to not let him do so else I would have been writing this post sitting not in my room but a junkyard (a seven year old kid can be pretty messy :P)... and that is how this hut came into being.

After I was done making it, I showed the pictures to a friend who suggested that I should "totally put it up on the blog". So, here it is, the hut complete with a pond, a gravel path and an approaching-storm sky!!

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. They've been taken from my crappy 1.3 MP cell phone camera.

(Click on the pictures for an enlarged version)

( In this hut where the childhood lives are the
tales of the moist future eyes
Your warm whispers in water drops count the
symbols for the blue times,
Alright, alright... Too melodramatic, I know. :P )

(The approching storm... run.. take cover... things are going to get dark now!
(Yes... scary clouds, aren't they?) 

(Oh! Even the sun is frightened, but it's putting a fight! Grr!!) 

(The view from the 'pond') 

(and another one... just for the heck of it)
 Author's note: Some interesting facts (read only if you're actually interested)
 1) It took me four hours to make it (that is not counting the two half-hour-long phone calls and numerous interruptions on GTalk or Yahoo Messenger and the time I took off to play those stupid quizzes on facebook... and... Oh! Add to it another 20 minutes when I just sat gazing the pair of scissors in my hands wondering what would be the Hindi alternative for 'deserve' (*sigh*.... another long story.... let us not even go there))
2) The tools used even includes a hammer! (How do you suppose I broke that stone, eh?). And that reminds me... I am sure I heard the aunty, who lives on the ground floor (we live on the first), shouting profanities around mignight when I was hammering away to glory! :-P
 3) I used an empty Mother Dairy 'dahi ka dabba' (a curd can, for the non-Hindi speaking friends) as the cylindrical base!
 4) Some other titles I considered for this post were- Hut-tttt ja re, na pangla le; Ye Tera ghar, Ye Mera Ghar, Hut Sweet Hut, Ye Hut (Haath) Mujhe De De Thakur. (Lol! Cut me some slack people, I was bored.)
5)  I miss the stone that I had to break. It was from my 'Rajasthan-stones' collection. The rest of the collection is intact though, so are my 'Mussoorie-stones', 'Goa-stones', 'Kashmir-stones', 'Ahmedabad-stones', 'Agra-stones'. I collect stones, yup! So, beware... or else you know what's coming your way :-P)
5) I've bored you enough, haven't I? Well... guess I'll just stop. Don't forget to leave a comment. You can even berate my horrible painting skills... I won't even mind that... as long as you leave a comment. :-)


Dream'R said...

And what if we dont leave a comment??!! when then picasso and rafael all rolled into one?

Post zara 'hut'ke se hain. Wah kya hut banaa thi hain..mindblowing..hehe..total architect in the making..and the view from the pond..wah wah..hehe..has the desired level of sarcasm been achieved??!!
So u collect stones..hmmm..wierd!!..is this like stamp collection and stuff??!!

Creation said...

@ Amith

*squints her eyes*
*reads the comment*
*looks left*
*looks right*
*raises an eyebrow*

Ahem ahem

I'm a little busy today (khabeeson ke liye khana banana hai). So, I'll excuse myself from events that inevitably include long-winded speeches and other formalities I consider mundane drivel.

On a more serious note...

Well, you already HAVE commented... I'm not discussing hypothetical situations here.

Thank you for flooding us with your sarcasm; I have already replied to it.

Yeah, I'm a little weird. I collect stones. They better represent a locale than stamps or postcards.

Glad that you commented (even if it was all sarcasm... for now, anything works!)

Have a good day!

Little Girl Lost said...

The hut is BEAUTIFUL! I wish you had made some tiny people to live in it :) congratulations on your obvious hard work…

anu said...

i wasnt aware tht u paint well..i wasnt even aware tht u collect stones..cool
nd keep paintin.. so tht we hav nice pics to see :D

Creation said...


Thank you, Amritorupa!!

The plan was to make some tiny people, a tree and even a fence... but that would've taken too long.

I'm so glad you liked it. I don't get down to do this kinda work everyday, you see... :-)

Aniket said...

Loved the hut! You had to put in the storm there don't you. You live to oppose the clear blue skies concept! :D

"Door Hutt Ja meri nazaron se" could have also been an option.

And I guess only stones you are yet to collect are Kidney Stones. Lemme know when you grab hold of them. lol

I used to collect matchboxes. I even had 'Rajnikant maachis'. ROFL!

Creation said...

@ Anu

Wow!! You visited my blog without me having to coax you to do so!!

Facebook, eh? Lol.

I don't 'paint well', I just 'paint'. In fact, I USED to paint, not anymore re.

And Collecting stones.. lol.. Ask Chandrani... I had an entire bag filled with nothing else but stones while returning from Mussorie.

As for painting now... Well, I don't think I have enough patience for it.

Thank you so much for droppping by. Have a nice day.

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Yay!!! I'm so happy you liked it too!

A storm is much more exciting... clear blue skies are too boring for me! :-)

Lol... that's a nice one too!

I had a kidney stone long back. But it was too ugly; I threw it away!

Maachis, eh? Niceee...
That is quite, quite novel. Not to mention weirder!

Keep visiting

Gagan said...

Well well well...
Kudos to your hard work, artistic touch and 'k'reativity :)

Long back I made an Igloo for a school project out of lots of foam, cotton, glue etc. (not for my bro though :P)
Hmm, collecting stones sounds interesting. Would love to see your collection someday. How about putting them on your blog?

Feeling sorry for that crushed-to-pieces Royal Rajasthan Stone.

Creation said...

@ Gags


Thanku thanku!!

Igloo sounds kewl too.. I never made one. Although, I would've probably used thermocol blocks.

That's actually a good idea. But I have 137 stones. Can't put up pictures of all of them here!!

I knowwww.. I feel sorry for it too. It was such a pretty little thing.

Keep visiting
Cheers! ;-)

AP said...

So, which airy castle did you build side by side by this jhuggi, oops, jhopra, oops, hut?

Why was the poor kid supposed to make it anyway? Do school people subject kids to such torture these days? Are they so vella? (like elder siblings...)

Thanks for stopping in time...unlike some people, you always seem to know when to...excellent habit!

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

It's official- I WANT TO KILL YOU!!!



hey ... its a wonderful work ... must congratulate u for the hard work u hav put in ... and the painting was beautiful!
masterful work! waiting for more!

Creation said...

@ Arindam

Thank you for the generous comments and thank you so much for dropping by.

Keep vsiting.

AP said...

'twas a mistake, a simple mistake! You do get so hyper...I mean, it is such a cute little hut...such an idyllic, arcadian setting, such a charming hovel, such a sweet repository of brilliance and Light...
And you'll kill me for all this? You'll kill me? O, I'm already dying with the shock! O! O! O!

Before dying...perhaps 'twill be Safdarjung...

Now, back to dying...I'm getting on your habit...in any case, my dear mother thinks I can smile a most cheshire cat smile...hmmm...O!

Alack! My heart's broken! How will it go on?

Of course, all this was once upon a dream...la la la, lalalala, la la la la!

Gagan said...

Oops! I forgot to add thermocol there to my list. :P

Yeah I used it too (lots of it) :)

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

If I hadn't got your e-mail with the song attached, I would have thought you had gone cuckoo.

And I agree with your mother, completely! :-)

Creation said...

@ Gagan

Yeah.. you got me wondering.. Thermocol was but needed! lol!

Dream'R said...

wow..!! how rude!!..hmmphhh..not talkin to u!!

(u dont have to keep mentioning sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm u know!! it makes me sound like a meano :-(..)

PS : In brackets mean i havent said anything. Just thinking out loud.

oo7 said...

i like the hut.
you should become an architect.
you have the talent...

Creation said...

@ Amith

Shuru kisne kiya tha?!?!

And anyways, forget mean.. you sound like a girl!!


Creation said...

@ oo7

Lol.. thank you for likking the hut..
as for the suggestion about becoming an architect.. lol.. i wish i had discovered this skill earlier..
Now, studying literature won't take me anywhere near becoming an arhitect!

Thank you so much for visiting.

Dream'R said...


Creation said...

@ Amith


You came back for that?
How sweet! :-)

Dream'R said...

u study literature??!!..sigh...i wanted to become a journalist..and y did i just say that?..hmmm..oh well rajasthan won..yippeee...

Creation said...

@ Amith

Yeah, I'm doing my majors in Literature.

YUp yup!! Woohoo Shane..
You're a Rajasthan fan too, eh?
Any particular reason?

arunima said...

lol i loved d after thoughts d hut s damn well made i;m so right now ;P

Dream'R said...

particular reason oh yes...shane warne!! my idol..my inspiration ;-) and y r u a fan?

Creation said...

@ Arunima

Thanks for the appreciation!!

I'm so glad to see you back. Hope you stick around this time.


Creation said...

@ Amith

Well.. Shane Warne... duhh!!

And, perhaps, also coz I happen to half-Rajasthani.

Gayathri said...

Hey the hut was cute! Didnt know hut-making is prosperous too!:P..
And the stone collection part was quite weird..though i guess you could be of great aide to our archeology dept in the future..:D

Creation said...

@ Gayathri

Thanku... thanku!

Hut making can be very prsperous! As you can see, it has already helped me garner so many cherished comments! :P

I would be glad to help them as long as they don't make me give up my precious stones! lol!!

Thank you so much for visiting.
Hope to see you around.
Take care.

Dream'R said...

half rajasthani ..oh in that case HALLA BOLLLLL!!...;-)

and oye its no duh matter...i m like the biggest warne fan ever...and i mean EVER

Creation said...

@ Amith


I meant this- "I am also a fan because of Shane too!! That's duhhh... "

Why else?

Dream'R said...

but u r more of a fan coz u r half rajasthani nai?...

Creation said...

No... that comes later...

I also happen to like CSK coz of Murlitharan.. not coz I happen to be Tamil (which I'm not, btw...)!!

Dream'R said...

muralidharan uff uff uff!!..

geez girl...i hate murali!!..uff!!

u know the funny thing is i support rajasthan but i have the kinghtriders jersey with me...;-)

but murali ..uff kriti !!

Prashansa Taneja said...

'Tis pretty co-incidential (pardon me if I offended you!) that while reading this post I was chatting with a man called Neil 'Hut'chinson!

And also- thank you!:D

Creation said...

@ Prashansa

(No, you didn't.)

Why thank me, though?

Creation said...

@ Amith

Yes, I like him...
He is the friggin highest wicket taker!!

And you should watch him while playing.. he has a constant grin on his face... Just goes on to prove how much he enjoys his game.. (plus, he looks funny too :P)

The knightridrs jersey is kewl..
I'm planning to buy one as well.. It is quite well-designed.

Anonymous said...

wow! u are really creative!! u not only write poems but also make huts!!

And are funny too.. I was imagining that lady downstairs!!

Prashansa Taneja said...

'Tis a long story, dear girl. Ask His Squireship Anubhav Pradhan- he will tell you.

Creation said...

@ Prashansa

Is this the Spelling Bee issue?

Well, in any case- 'tis my pleasure!

deepazartz said...

Very nice attempt Kriti. The hut really looks COOL. And the skies,they are fascinating too. You have done a great job for your bro'.

The tree and fence along with tiny people wud really have added to its beauty. But even otherwise for your hardwork & brilliant job accomplished...10 out of 10!!!

Collecting stones!!! Thats different:) You are one unique girl:)

Surely you are going to have a great future. As Dream said ''architect in the making"!

Dream'R said...

heyyy..hhows ma fav half rajasthani doin :-)....u should seriously get a shoutbox u know ;-)...

Creation said...

@ Deepa

YAY!!! Coming from you.. that's a HUGE compliment..!!!

Thank you thank you


I know... Bro had got it back from his school now.. So, I guess I'll work on it again. Yhanks for the full marks :P

Dunno about the architect in the making.. but I guess I DO live up the meaning of my name- "Creation" :P

Thank you so much for all the appreciation!!
Take care

Creation said...

@ Amith

Your fav half-rajasthani?
Wow! How many half-rajasthanis do you know waise? ;-)

Anyways: I'm planning to run off to Rajasthan for a month or so, no matter how hot it is... I feel like an adevnture and living in a village with no electricity, no phones... completely cut off from the world sounds exciting to me right now.

Let's see if it materialises..

Well, I don't quite fance shoutboxes. GTalk hai na...

P.S.: I, sort of, 'lost' a good friend recently.. after a spat on facebook when called RRs a bunch of losers.

P.S.2: I wish I can smack him hard on his head!

Dream'R said...

well the one i know seems real nice ;-)..but i never quite liked rajasthan actually..even when i ve been there on holidays..the heat uff!!..and i m not too into culture and stuff ;-)..

yaar most of the people on ur blog aint on ur gtalk list r they? hence the shoutbox...and its quite kool too..i just called u my fav half rajasthani..itna toh karlo na!!

tum facebook pe ho..and RR aint a bunch of losers..we ahve a weak squad and we still win!! geez!!
when u smack him hard..add one for me too

Creation said...

I'm not much into culture either.... It is the history and topography of the place that interests me.

Well, the ones who want to talk to me are! :P

The shoutbox has been put up (and it is NOT because you called ur fav half-rajasthani!!).. go shout it all out now...

Sure.. and I'll add another milliom or so for all RR fans! :P

Dream'R said...

yippe 50th comment..!!... and yes i m shouting i m shouting...;-)

btw..watcha think ..does the music player on my blog slow it down and if so should it be taken down?

Creation said...



Err.. I personally don't like music players coz most of the times I'm listening to songs anyways... and i find it bugging when i open a webpage and another song starts playing..

The Very SRK said...

hi! really liked ur work... thats cool...

aupsy said...

Awesome hut and a great blogger theme too!!! :D

However, there is one thing that irks me. When as children we get stuff to do at home, it goes a long way in letting our spontaneity develop and polishing our creativity.. Yet the indian family system has been so stuck at spoonfeeding children for everything that the children end up missing the only good part of primary school education- creativity!!!
I'm not sayin we shouldn't lend a helping hand to children, coz thats the only way they can learn from our experience, but doing their li'l projects entirely ourselves is a big mistake that we all do or have done at some point of time...

Its basically becoz of the lack of hands-on experience that even when indians are so rich in theoretical knowledge, they are so poor at putting it to good use...

Creation said...


Thank you for liking it!!


Creation said...

@ Ayush

You have raised a very important issue there indeed. Who would know the importance of letting the creative juuices flow better than the 'engineer-poet', eh?

Personally, I think it's not the indian family system but the over-burdening and rather repressive education system that has to be blamed.

In a simple case of project making... the kid isn't appreciated for his originality or creativity and the teachers know that most of the times the work is done either by the parents or professionals (remember all those thriving 'ready-made project' businesses?). Yet, the teachers would give marks (which is, undoubtedly the 'most important' judging criteria in our education system) to these very 'professional projects'.

What is a kid supposed to do then?
And it is then that even the parents are forced to yield to the children's pleas to do their homework/ projects.

I think blaming the indian family system for the Indians' lack of practical knowledge is very unfair. Likewise, the education system can't be blamed in its entirety either.

Prashansa Taneja said...

Yes, Ma'am! 'Tis the Spelling Bee issue!

aupsy said...

M neither blaming the indian family nor the education system... M blaming all of us who support the stereotypes that the ages have set us... primary school is a stage when marks dont matter much... if a child is cringing for marks at such a young age and hence forcing his parents to make a professional lookin project for him, then its a very very bad sign...

we can atleast instill this sense in children that marks aren't everything and that these projects are better done by them, however vadly they're done... to stop lookin at others and to be content with one's own capabilities!!!

This focus on marks and marks as the ends and not the means will bring our country to shame...