Filthy Fucking Bastard Number Two

Blotches of red on the white marble,
A pool of red at my feet,
My hand boasts of 23 cuts,
(some of them need stitches mind you),
No easy feat!
But hatred that wells within me,
A loathing so deep embedded,
It will echo in your heart and soul,
Long after I am dead.
You won't feel guilty,
You filthy f**kin' bastard
May you rot in hell,
And if alive, be cursed!
You know not what you did to me,
Why the hell would you care?
After all, you got it... didn't you?
You've had your 'share'!
Mark my words,
For they will bloom,
Justice shall be done,
And your entire kind is doomed!

P.S.: Because a repost is exactly what was required.