An Ode to Friendship (a Clerihew gone horribly wrong)

(This picture, copyright: Anubhav Pradhan, has been put up here as a celebration of the institution where I met all the wonderful (no pun intended!) people mentioned in the post.)

Author's note: Yes, I know I always include the author's note at the end of my posts but considering the 'sensitive' nature of this post, I've decided to include it before the post! First and foremost, I want to apologize to Mr. Edmund Clerihew Bentley, for it was he who invented the whimsical four-line biographical poem with irregular lengths and an AABB rhyme scheme (courtesy: Wikipedia). It was after reading this post on Aniket's blog that I decided to write some Clerihews about my friends (I have written some before, but never really kept a record of them). Now, I suppose this recent attempt went horribly wrong and I don't know if the following verses can be qualified as Clerihews, but what the heck! Just put them all together and it becomes a poem! Now people (especially the ones mentioned in this piece, their respective bfs and gfs ('cause it's the 'better' halves I'm more scared of), and their well-wishers (if there are any!)), before you go ahead and read the piece and before my inbox is flooded with hate-mail and perhaps even a few threatening ones, I want you to realise that this post has been written in good humour and is intended to be read the same way. If you happen to get offended by whatever you read down there, just keep your mouth shut and bang your head on the wall (you can even scream in your pillow, or anywhere else for that matter, as long as the sound doesn't travel to me) and never talk to anyone about this. Further, these are MY views so you cannot draw any stupid conclusions or weird interpretations.

Ah! Now that we've got those considerations out of the way, let us come to the better part- the poem itself-

An Ode to Friendship

Debabrat Sukla, the Ladies’ Man
Came up with a master plan
He wanted to get six-pack abs
And thought that he’d look fab
But sadly, the plan backfired,
For his diet consisted of only kebabs!

Komal Khulbe, that pretty girl
Would twist and twirl, swoosh and swirl
And walk the streets with elan
Hand in hand with Sukla- her man!

Falak Fatima, the staunch feminist
Wasn’t afraid to use that iron fist
But sadly, when one day Tariq bore the brunt
That was the last she ever led from the front!

Rhea Srivastava, is quite like lava
Trust me buddy, you don’t wanna cross her.
Queen of sarcasm, difficult to comprehend,
Epitome of weird-ness; simply speaking- my dearest friend

No! The name doesn’t rhyme with porn
He, as we know, is one lost character
Sutta and Daaru is all he’s after!

Abhishek Chauhan,
Woah! What a man!
Is there a fight going on around?
Call him and see them all fall down!

Kamal Kishore... Jon 
Stalking everyone on the phone.
Please make sure you don’t give him your number
Or he’s sure to wake you up from your slumber.

Anubhav Pradhan, a self-appointed squire
Of the city-of-djinns (It’s what he desired!)
His organisational skills are quite well-known
Till date, that farewell is what everybody mourns

Samarth Chandola, a self proclaimed ba****d,
Becoming a tyrant and womanizer were dreams he fostered
All day he would repeat- BTW and BTW
And before you figured what that meant, he’d bid adieu!

Snigdha Jain, the midget?
With her, dare you fidget!
She’s bound to dissect you and then scrutinize.
For this is one dame you just don’t catechize.

Kriti Sharma, the ever-bored
Is, by her own wits, floored.
She never knew she could come up with this
But now that she has, she feels eternal bliss.

Author's note 2: This poem was also posted on facebook because of some dreadfully lethargic slothful procrastinators (yes, I know they're all synonyms!) who just won't click on this link to read the post here. All the comments that this post garners there will be reproduced (in full and without editions) here. 


ssp said...

He'd bid adeu? What kind of a rhyme-scheme is that?????

I see no sense in the word "becoming." Most of the Coddan Team has already tagged me a tyrant, and most of my classmates have already tagged me a womanizer... both counts of course, for no apparent reason

And learn how to spell my name!!!

Creation said...

@ Sam

It's not my problem that you read the post while I'm still editing it. The erroneous spelling has been amended already.

It is meant to be read as "Bee-Tee-Double-you and Bee-Tee-Double-You". Does the rhyme scheme make sense now?

And what happened to your good humour, my friend? 'Tis nothing but playful banter!

Creation said...


Niyati Bhatt likes this.

Kriti Sharma at 1:13am April 13
You bet I was bored!

Kriti Sharma at 1:27am April 13
haha! Thank you Niyati! :-)

Niyati Bhatt at 1:29am April 13
You're welcome Kriti! :-)

Debabrat Sukla said...

wow this is ingenious
i have another movie idea with this poem :D

Creation said...

@ Deb
Another? Pehle wale ka kya hua?

Little Girl Lost said...

you wrote 10 poems!!!! whoa! good for you!
your friends must be floored!
Aniket has dared me to write a few limericks and i just can't get myself started...

AP said...

Ay, saucy mistress, we do deeply mourn that Farewell which was to be, yet which was not! O most tragi-comic affair!

rhealitycheck said...

i'm afraid i'm too disgusted with the obscenities being flashed here to write a comment....

Creation said...

@ AP

So it was, Maître d'satire, so it was!

Creation said...

@ Rhea

Heavens woman!

Arjun said...

since i dont know anyone of em'... I kinda enjoyed this one.. ;)

I have no much idea abt poems.. As u say.... Put everything together n its a poem.. :P

N hey.. Thanks for visiting mine... Will be a regular here.. :)


Prianca said...

i like you ppl.. . .
nd very well put kriti (i hope m spelling it ryt this tym ;)

some nice mini character analysis of sorts there...i like!!!

Aniket said...


Where were you hiding the poet in you for so long??

And how did I ever miss reading this till now?

This is clearly your area of expertise.... you win hands down!

Creation said...

@ Amritorupa

Err... It feels weird to call a Clerihew a poem (although I do understand that it is one!). So, let's just treat this entire piece as ONE poe.


My friends have been calling me all sorts of names (read some comments by the 'new' visitors. *wink*)

But I had a lot of fun writing this and so would you if you write some yourself... limericks are even more fun!
Do write some! :-)

Thanks for visiting.
Cheers! :-)

Creation said...

@ Arjun

Haha! Trust me, if you had known them, you would have enjoyed the post even more!

The pleasure was all mine.
Much thanks to you too... for dropping by!

Keep visiting.

Creation said...

@ Prianca

Haha! Yes, that's the correct spelling.
We like you too! :-)

Keep visiting.
Cheers! :-)

Creation said...

@ Aniket

You call this poetry?
Wait till you read my other works! Hmm... you haven't really read anything else on my blog now, have you?

Thanks for the appreciation though.

Dave King said...

Having only just found your blog, and not knowing the back story , I cannot comment on your clerihews. All I can say for now is that I find your blog attractive.

Creation said...

@ Dave

Oh thank you so much!
There is no back story to these Clerihews as such. These are all my very dear friends in college and when I decided to write a Clerihew, I couldn't pick a better subject than these interesting characters.

I'm glad you liked my blog. :-)

Kepp visiting,

rhealitycheck said...

Sweetums....you are flattering yourself a bit TOO much....don't continue it or you'll lose all your friends (yes, the ones you wrote the clerihew for)
P.S. That reply sure sounded like Mr. AP City of Djins (wrong spelling) but am such an idiot that can't correct it.

Creation said...

@ Rhea It was meant to... and you sure sound like a certain person we both know but i won't name him/her for obvious reasons.

I wrote the Clerihew for myself and this was supposed to be in good humour. If they can't even digest this then (like i mentioned) they can go and kill themselves for all i care.

Prakhar said...

hahaha...too good!!

Creation said...

@ Prakhar

Thanku thanku!!

Gagan Kainth said...

Joyful reading all way long :)
Must say, gr8 sense of humor :D, though I wonder how many threat call you would've got after publishing this post!!!
Well I just stepped into blogging world a few days back and guess what started off with poetry :D

Creation said...

@ Gagan

Welcome to the blogosphere!
lad you enjoyed it. I didn't get any threat calls though. The people mentioned in this post took it in the right spirit. :-)

Aniket said...


Since you have read "Lost in Life" already... Gagan Kainth is the character Gags in the story. We are college mates... and having read the story you know how deep the friendship goes. :)

Am glad he has come to the world of blogging. :P

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Yes! I can see how glad you are... following him everywhere, eh?

Yeah I remember Gags and his timely saviour act. I hadn't realised that you would've used real names though.

ShantanuDas said...

Great Poem.. and the greatest thing abt the poem was that I understood it!

Simply Simple!

btw "lethargic slothful procrastinators" is good writing style.... I think.. I liked it.. so it is good!

Aniket said...

Every name is real there except for Arman and Shirin. Chotu is pet name for my sister 'Ankita'. Gags, Rishi, Amit are my college best friends. And Deej, Prachi, Rigs are my school time best friends. :-)

And the character personalities are highly inspired by them as well.

Now who are Arman and Shirin, I'll leave on you to guess. :-)

That's why I said that post is closest to my heart coz so much of it is real and so much I wanted to be...

Creation said...

@ Shantanu

LOL! "I think... I liked.. so it's good..."

That is GOOD writing style too.
I'm glad you found it simple enough. :-)

Creation said...


Yes. I figured all that out when I discovered that Gagan was a real person.

As for the post being close to your heart... one who has read it can easily fiugre that out!
It comes directly from the heart and strikes a chord everytime you read it (erm ,yes... i've read it a lil more than 20 times now.)!

Gagan said...

a lil more than WHAT??? 20!!! You've gotta be kidding me?

Though you might have actually read it over and over for I know the attitude with which Gags has carried himself is truly awesome ;):D Lolzzz

PS: Attitude is contagious and mine is worth catching :)

Gagan said...

Speaking of posts being close to heart, the one that I have posted falls in the same category as well.
It's called 'A Perfect Decade'.
Don't know whether you've read that even one single time, forget 20+ :)

Creation said...

@ Gags

No kidding mate! ;-)

Yoiu sure sound one effin confident persona nd I salute you for that (even for sounding so... i can NEVER do that! :P)

Yup! I've read it. Actually, have read it thrice now...

Didn't leave a comment coz for some inexplicable reason the link to the comments page won't open.

very deeap emotions.. expressed with such ease.. such finesse... I'm eager to read what this pen (or keys.. in case you prefer typing!)churns out next..

loved these line-
All these years, my feelings, my thoughts,

Just amplified the pain,

And all those heartbeats passed away in vain

Creation said...

Forgive the typos.. It's 1:04.. I've been awake for more than 28 hours now... (not counting the time i dozed off on my key-board)

ShantanuDas said...


Creation said...

@ Shantanu

I know.. i know.

Gagan said...

*Bows* for the salute :D

I'm more than glad that you liked it:) Yeah, those lines are my fav. too. Next piece is on the way, will post soon...

And 28 HOURS!!! what are you up to? Don't temme you are on the verge of finding out the answer to everything, which up til now we think is 42 :p

PS: I've fixed that problem with comments on my blog :)

still thinking !!! said...

nice blog,keep it up

Creation said...

@ still thinking

Thank you.
Loved yours too. I'm following it now. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you are a wonderful poet......and the analysis is perfect......don't knw about the poetry but keep up the analysisfor sure

Creation said...

@ Anonymous

I completely understand the 'poetry' bit. Even I find it difficult to classify this as poetry.

The analysis? So, this is someone who knows the characters mentioned. I would've lovd to know who this is.. but well, some other time, I guess.

Thank you so much for dropping by! :-)

Anonymous said...

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- Johnson

Anonymous said...

ha, I will try out my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's really awesome, thanks.

- Joe

Anonymous said...

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Tis me.