Glitch in My Brain

 (Image courtesy: My brain tumor)
Yes, you read right. I have always wondered if there was a glitch in my brain (à la Bella, yes) and I have finally come to the conclusion that it is indeed present!

I was thinking (*sigh* contrary to popular belief, yes, I do think) why I never have any answers and why I keep falling in the same dark holes (like LGL’s crab) over and over again. It was then that an important realization dawned on me- I never know what I want, only that which I don’t want!
Now, I don’t have any regrets from my life; I have (more or less) lived it the way I wanted to. I have learnt from my mistakes but never regretted a moment of my life, so far. It was all necessary to make me what I am today. I was learning then, I am learning still and I will continue to learn, always.
The trouble, if any, is that, yet again, I do not know what I want and this time I’m afraid of losing my way! Trust me; it is not a good feeling at all.
Ignorance is bliss, you say, eh? Bite me!
THIS ignorance is NOT good!!!
Imagine yourself as lost in some gigantic, befuddling intricate labyrinth of sorts; just standing there- inert, passive, stationary- while hundreds, thousands, millions of human souls move about frantically looking for their respective destinations, for the maze has a different escape route for every individual. At least they are aware of their destinations, but what about you? You are just- lost- in every sense of that word.
Now can you feel your insides horribly squirming; inexplicably?
It is not good, not good at all.
Wish I knew the way out of this maze...
I will write more about this ‘glitch in my brain’ (maybe/ maybe not). But for now, it’s time to scoot. A certain author X and his critics A, B and C are all waiting with their paranormal theories to devour whatever is left of my poor brain.
Author's note: I was seriously considering putting it up on my other blog, but then decided to go against it. Don't ask me why. I don't know!
Currently singing- Phoebe's "Trapped in the Hospital Closet"- 
And they found their bodies the very next day,
they found their bodies the very next day,
la la la, la la la, la la la...


Siya said...

yayyyyeee!!! m firsssst!! Heehee..if someone else doesn't comment before I put this up!! LOL. :D

Know what. Read this book - "The Secret". I'm reading it now..and loving it! Okie..the theory might seem a bit unpractical at first..but don't give up without trying it out! It's really working for me.. It says..just think about all the things you want (do not think about the things you don't want)..and they'll come to you! Better go read it!!

And don't worry..you'll find your way out! :)

P.S.: The author ain't paying me no commission to publicise her book the way I'm doing. :P

P.P.S.: Phoebe's song?? Your life sure is one hell of a tragicomedy!! :D :D
Smelly cat...smeeeeelllllllyyyyyyyy cat........Cheers!! :)

Creation said...

@ Siya

Lol! Yes you are!!!
And I'm glad that you're glad to be the first here. Generally people don't rush to comment on my poor blog. :P

The theory sounds good enough.. I do believe in optimism.
I read your post about that book..
Will sure give it a try..


P.S.: Ask the author to do so. She won't find someone better suited to this job :P

P.P.S.: Lol. Yes it is, sadly!
smelly cat... smeeeelllllllyyyyyyyy cat..
it's not your fault!!

Little Girl Lost said...

Phoebe sure puts everything in perspective, don't she ? :)

Creation said...

But she's a genius!!!

P.S.: Nice dp. :-)

deepazartz said...

Why are you lost? What has made you lost? Just 'Follow your Heart' & you'll find your way out:) say the Wise!!!

Anyways it was an amusing writeup for me..coz I enjoyed reading the way you wrote it:)

Have a 'lead-me-to-track-&-find-my-way' day!(whatever tht means!!)

C ya.

Aniket said...

Your LoveLove is sweet as summer showers
Love is a wondrous work of art
But your love, oh your love,
Your love is like a giant pigeon
Crapping on my heart.
La la la la la...

SnowmanI made a man with eyes of coal
and a smile so bewitchin'.
How was I supposed to know
that my mom was dead in the kitchen?
La lalala laaa la lala La lalala la la...

Phoebe rocks bigggg time!

Creation said...

@ Deepa

Well, I don't know the answers to that. I never do!
Will listen to the Wise.. waise bhi, that's all I've been doing till date. :-)

I'm happy you liked to read through the post..

As you can se.. people prefer commenting on the 'P.S.' and not the post itself! :P

Thank you for the appreciation.

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Lol!! She does.. totallyyyy!!!!!

My favorites are the shoer song and the grandma song..

I'm in the shower and I'm writing a song
Stop me if you've heard it.
My skin is soapy, and my hair is wet,
and Tegrin spelled backward is Nirget.
Lather, rinse, repeat
and lather, rinse, repeat
and lather, rinse, repeat
as needed

Now, Grandma's a person who everyone likes,
She bought you a train and a bright, shiny bike.
But lately she hasn't been coming to dinner,
And last time you saw her she looked so much thinner.
Now, your mom and your dad said she moved to Peru,
But the truth is she died and some day you will too.
Lalala LAlalala LAlalala LAlalala La La La La
Lalala LAlalala LAlalala LAlalala La La La La


Thanks for dropping by. Keep visiting.

Creation said...

@ LGL and Aniket

By the way, thank you for neglecting the post and rather commenting on the 'P.S.'


anu said...

wat all i hav to say is .... dnt be a moron anymore... u had it enough in ur life.. upar se..dnt giv me heart attacks wid ur weird tag lines..please..
abt the post: u wrote tht thousands of souls movin nd u standin still... i loved tht part..its so god damn true. while i wasreadin it could feel tht too :)

Aniket said...

Well enuf has already been said about your dark side already... isn't it. :P

Creation said...

@ Anu

Abe oye!!
I'm not being a moron!!
But I guess you mean it in a good, patronising way.. to.. ok ji! won't be a moron anymore. :P
(I wish it was that easy!)

The dead body thing? That's Phoebe's song, I told you! lol!!

Tujhe to baat-baat mein heart attacks aate hain!! haha

I'm glad you could relate to the post...
psst psst.. i knew you would!


Thanks for dropping by.

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Err... when?

A few more introspective comments about my 'dark' side won't hurt anyone!

Everthing about nothing said...

Very different from what I am used to read on your blogg. But as always you writing has prepared a delicious serving of literature , that satisfies my hunger :)

deepazartz said...

Hey...there's something to cheer you up,dear girl....condition you are going to Smile cheek-to-cheek & come up with positive spirit.

Come & get it(waving out to you to follow...)...soon:)

Dream'R said...

Hey wannabe srk's father here....

u too eh!!..misery loves company..join the club...i guess i know what you are saying...its so me right now...!!hey..atleast you know what you dont want..you are half way there yaar...chal yaar..just live like there is no tomorrow..!!

i suck at advising !!

Chalo bye..i ll cya once i m back from my sabbatical..


PS : F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan eh..:)...i just smiled lol...i guess we ll get along..


Creation said...

@ Ampla

Wow. You comment like a pro, dear Amps. I didn't try to be different consciously. But, I'm happy that you found it worth reading (and commenting, lol).

Keep visiting

Creation said...

@ Deepa

Oooohhhh yayyy!!

Thanku thanku thanku.
lol. just left a comment on your post....
I am, of course, grinning from ear to ear now!!
A beautiful start to my day!

Thanks again

Creation said...

@ Amith

So, "would-be SRK" is already "wanna-be"..
boy.. the kid is definitely quick!

'Et tu brute' wala case ho gaya eh?

tut tut!

Don't be miserable re...
khush reh..
(i too suck at advising!)

And I was sad..
like sad..
REAL sad..
when I read that post about your recent sabbatical. I had just discovered your blog and you're already off on a leave? That's not done! :(

But since you're an intelligent homo-sapien (or so i hope ;-)...) you must have a reason for doing what you are doing.

I wish all the luck for whatever lies ahead!
Hope to see you back soon.

Take care

P.S.: of course.. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan.. and even more of a Phoebe fan.. if I'm still here, writing stupid comments for an even stupider blog post instead of losing my way in those endless tunnels of gloom.. it is because of her!!

Dream'R said...

@toodles ( *snickers*) -

hmmm...its unbelievable what a good nights sleep can do for one's line of thought eh..urs truly is almost back to his abnormal self..70-80 % there..

oye..tum advice nahi kar sakthi..main advice nahi akr saktha..toh advice karna chod de!!

well though intelligence i have in truckloads at times the driver doesnt exactly get the directions rite...this is one such occasion ;-)

I m more of a Chandler-Joey fan..just cant pick a favourite ;-)..phoebe i dont quite like..hehe...but nah..we ll still get along..but wats with the phoebe fixation anyways?...care to explain?

AP said...

Kicking back? How boringly inspiring...What is one supposed to kick back? You? Or your post? Or the blog? Or the blog you gave a miss?

Questions, questions, answers naught in sight!
What shall ye do now, Mistress: fight?

Voluntary inertia is often good for the constitution...of course, after some time, it might start rotting you till you become a worm-eaten bag of bones...

Which, in a way, is the ultimate destiny of all humans- or at least of all those who're not burned after their 'soul' abandons them...

Though the human body harbours many worms and bacteria so we all, even as we live, qualify as worm-eaten bags of bones. It might be good to realise that, y'know...

By the by, how many senses are there of "lost"?...

Millions of human souls frantically looking for their destination? What makes you so confident of that? From womb to grave, it's just a flash of life- the fire, or the grave, is staring at you...prepare yourself for it- that is your final destination, your ultimate goal. Rush to it; embrace it- Death smiles at Everyman...

Yet, will your heart go on? The soul, it might die, but your heart might just go onnnnnnnnnn...

A way out of the glitch? Get a proper CT scan done instaed of purloining some poor bugger's scan! How heartlessly cruel! How coldly ruthless! Really, such a crime shame! You really don't have a heart! It possibly can't go on...

Though I do think it can. It might just survive and go on...there is a distinct possiblity that the little bugger might find a way out...

Of course, by this time, you'd have been completely devoured. There would be nothing left of your brain. Be rest assured, we will have a nice, double-edged ceremony at the adda. I will be totally shocked if you do reply...

But then, you two do have a cat-like habit of defying death. Let's see what you have to say to that!

AP said...

You're a Deluded Crpytic? A Photosynthetic, Jelly-fishy enigma that doth blaze?

Giving ourselves too mcuh power, aren't we? The Gods shall see that justice is done upon ye! This outage shall be punished by the deux ex machina, of that ye may be sure! Tremble, O fleshy dust of the Earth!

Who indeed shall thy fires scorch? Truly, not me!- only this blog!

Creation said...

@ Amith

oh well, Kriti doesnt't share foooooddddddddd... either!!!

The fixation with Phoebe stems from her eccentric taste in music. It is her apparently absurd and crazy songs that keep me SANE!!

Creation said...

@ AP

I've just returned after writing some 25-26 pages for Paper 2. I have NO intentions of writing another epic long reply to your comment.

But I have read it and was quite amused (as always) and I will definitely reply; some three thousand years into the future.

Dream'R said...

amith doesnt share food either!!...yep thats my one fault..and i kinda associate with chandler coz of all the sarcasm..;-)

phoebe s songs keep you sane...its jason mraz for me...;-)

Anorak said...

An entire generation is on the run in pursuit of "happiness" that they would never achieve...most of them doesnt realise it even and those who do has "glitches in the brain"....keep walking!!!

Creation said...

@ Anorak

So glad to see you here. You're right... there's no point searching for 'happiness'. It's right there, at your feet!!

Thank you for dropping by.
Keep visiting.


AP said...

What? Zounds! Bletherstake! Pox on it! You'll be replying to my mummy then, not me!

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

Ah! I see... Very excited about being turned into a malodorous, greggy, scuzzy, dessicated (not to mentiond- dead) version of yourself, eh?

Good good!

Though I think you'd like to give it a second thought before they open out your abdominal cavity, remove all your organs ( don't panic though, I've heard they retain giblets), remove your brains (which I'm sure you have in excess) with a hook (Please note: Appropriate hooks are difficult to find; meat hooks will not fit in the nasal cavity, and crochet hooks are generally too small and delicate), mix sawdust, wax, onion, Embalmex® in a large bowl, adding just enough cream to make a thick batter.. then pour the batter into you (or whatever is left of you), using a piping bag,
cover it liberally with bandages, and serve cold.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

looks like m too late to comment, and seems like this post along with all its insightful(n inciteful) comments has been packed and shelved... :P

nonetheless, i managed to find some time and yeah, must say- ur'e a big exception to my current theory which says that every1(yes EVERYONE) is looking for a way outta this maze, this rooster trap... and nobody knows their destinations coz there isn't ANY!! :)

so basically this exception doesnt even know that what she's lookin for doesnt even exist!! :P

Creation said...

@ Ayush

Inspired by the White Tiger now, are we?

And you're never late...
comment kar diya wohi kaafi hai!!


AP said...

If you promise to embalm me after dying, then, be rest assured, this will be my wish before dying.

What's more, I could bequesth some of my extra brains to you and you could use it. That might also help to fill in that glitchy void, with dark jaws threatening to gorge you, in your brain.

But seriously, how about answering my comment in a satisflying manner?

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

1. That sounds too cheesy!

2. That is actually a GOOD idea!!

3. Since you took pains to leave such a long comment, I guess I'm obliged to reply...


Alright.. will answer it.

Anonymous said...

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