Letter to My Readers (even the invisible, dead, dying and still-in-the-womb ones)


I'm alive.


If you're alive and reading this from any corner of the world, just drop in a simple 'hi', only to let me know that you're alive. And around.

If you're reading it from up there (yes, dimwit, I mean heaven) or from down there (you know what I mean this time, don't you? Hint: I certainly don't mean your underground parking lot)... Dude! You have to have HAVE TO comment then!!!! At least, let me know how you ended up (or down) there. It would help if you mention the services available, most importantly the internet speed. You see, mine sucks, I won't mind migrating.

So folks, till whenever I remember I have a blog which needs to be updated (which could be in an hour, tomorrow, the next week, month, year, afterlife (presumptuous. we shall wait for the comments to see if this one would be possible) or the next life (provided Twitter doesn't take-over Blogger by then)), this is

Sporadically yours truly

P.S.: I double-checked the parenthesis. No need to rack your brains. 

P.S. 2: The super duper spaces are Blogger's problem, not mine. Peace.


BloggerMouth said...

Hi :-)

Creation said...

Hi Swati!

Achha, now just tell me where to mail you the consecutive posts in case there are any. Since you seem to be the only one around here, I could at least save you the trouble of clicking on the link to all the way here just to see what crap I've posted. ;-)

J said...

Got a ltl late cuz you posted it on the day of IPL Final. Yep, they show IPL even down there. Best form of torture, they say, with all the ads. Next, they give us access to internet selectively. So, I can pretty much only browse dormant blogs like, ahem.

Guess ur exams r over by now. Looking forward to more posts.


Creation said...

@ J


Exams aren't over YET. One more to go. But I'm back on track!

Glad that my first ever reader and the inspiration behind this blog is still around after more than 2 and a half years. You've no idea how good it feels.
Thank you so much! :)

rainboy said...

Hey thr ...

Have we met before lol :D

So how have you been .

take care

CRD said...

Hi Kriti :)

Tabitha said...

Oh Mee Gawd!!

Did I miss you or wat!! Where have u been, oh you absconding soul...

Hope to see more updates happenin!!!

Creation said...


Yes, we have definitely banged into each other in these blogger circuits! And I bet you remember! ;-)

But I'm confused. How many times do you change your profile name? Wasn't it something 007 and something rabbit something also sometime back? Please don't change Rainboy. I think it's kewl! :)

rainboy said...

haha How can I forget ;D

Yeah ..I started With V and then a lot of times I changed my name...
This one will stay.

You won't see a change soon...

take care

Creation said...

@ Chris

Hello Chris!!! :D

Creation said...

@ Tabitha

I thought you had stopped commenting too, like me. Have been reading your blog, but just didn't comment. Shorry! :(

Creation said...

@ Rainboy again

Great! Hope to see you around more.

Take care! :D

Ramesh Sood said...

Hello, pretty interesting write-up this.. and this is a comment from someone who believes in being alive as long as there is life..I can feel that you are a lot more than perhaps what can be seen in your writings.. Like your signature line..very realistic..

Creation said...

@ Ramesh

Hello! It is always so glad to see new faces here (especially those who stick around). :)

If you're someone who like being alive, let me warn you, I have a pretty morbid fascination for the big D. So much so that I'm often labelled pseudo-suicidal, but that's a different story. As of now, I'm quite happy being alive!

Thanks for dropping by. Do stick around. Take care. Cheers!

Ramesh Sood said...

Hi, glad to read what you said,
"As of now, I'm quite happy being alive! :)" "Now" is what it is all about.. Well, enjoy all the presents of the present in the present..wow! Didn't know I would write such a line.. spur came from you..well, God bless.. mgith stick around , yes, it all depends, howmuch time one can spare

shash said...

Hi! :) the tone of the mood on the post seems great!! keep that goin! :)

Creation said...

@ Ramesh

Oh! That won't be a problem here. This blog is updated so sporadically that many people thought I'd committed suicide finally. But alas! To their dismay, I'm back. :P

So, visit whenever you feel like. You're always welcome! :)

Creation said...

@ Shash

Will try my best! You have no idea how much these comments mean to me! I had thought people have actually proclaimed me dead and I have no readers left. But I've understood this bit now. No matter what, blogger-friends are always by your side. And man am I ecstatic! :)

Rajat said...

does my being alive makes any difference.. I believe it does 'hi'

Aniket said...

The internet speed is awesome down here... but the only site that is accessible is your stupid blog... So thank you for cutting of my only connection to the world above!