Bad Punnery

It's raining cats and dogs.
Well, as long as it doesn't reindeer.
When it comes to big arm chairs
I have a deep-seated fear.

Chairs are meant to be chairished
Royal chairs are rarely throne out
Those two duchesses arguing about their husbands?
They decided to duke it out.

Now, politicians have a talent
They double-cross each bridge
The plumber explained that the problem in my
kitchen was just water under the fridge.

But since we’ve reached the kitchen
I must dish out some advice
Do not believe what you hear
About fleas and ticks -- it's all lice

Never ask a boxer for a drink
Because they're tight fisted.
Poor sweep who tried was thrown down
A chimney, and was black-listed.

You’d be surprised to hear what
Really got this all started
‘Twas two peanuts who walked into a bar
And one of them was a-salted


PRERNA said...

very nice... keep yoyoing...:);)

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

Now this is legendairy stuff. Every word. Aww-some

The Wanderer said...


Creation said...

@ Prerna

Thanku. And you keep yoyoing here often as well.


Tee hee. Dairy. iLike. I was bored waise.


It's been quite a while since commenting ensued. I'll try to return the favour and make it a habit too. :)

Rachit said...

Visiting your blog for the first time.

This was a pleasure read. Will be back to read more :)

Kriti said...


We'll see. Thanks for the visit though :)