Alienated in a foreign land,
Lost in a human sea,
Every second life drags along,
To his incessant plea!

In a dark, dingy cell,
His heavy breathing resounds,
the silent screams of his shattered dreams,
Muffling all other sounds!

Crouched on the floor,
He perpetually prays for deliverance,
Legs crossed, his head bowed low,
He still awaits his sentence!

His freedom is forever lost,
What was once bright now grim,
"Peace shall come", he knows,
The harmony of death awaits him!


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

kewl...sumthin different frm ur other posts... wats the inspiration btw?

creation said...

nissim ezekiel..

he's das inspiration.. his life..

Rhea Srivastava said...

somehow...this reminds me of cmin to cllg for a strange reason....

creation said...

harmony of death in coming to colg??

waise.. i guess it coz of the nissim ezekiel.. neela bhalla connection..

C R D said...

now tht i know the story of the guy...makes a lot of sense to me :)

but death aint a solution to a prob..its only an escape route

creation said...


yeahh.. u r rite..
death aint the solution..
but there's a certainly peace in death..
dont u agree??

prianca said...

hey kriti
neva knew u r a poet too
nice post.....d only word which is coming to my mind right now, for this post is phenomenal.
really nice
keep blogging
nd add me up in ur blog roll.
wud love to stay in touch wid u :)