Made of Steel

Picture Courtesy: 'Melting Face' by Hannah Slade

I always wanted more from you
Than you were willing to give
And one day we shall grow apart
As even the best of friends do
With our different lives to live

Remembrances are still alive
Of that sticky gooey past that won’t leave
The days in the sun that didn’t last
Only the ghosts of tears remain
What choice do I have now but to grieve?

All beauty’s dead, shut out in the cold
I try but cannot feel
I do not know my world anymore
I am strong, yes; but then
I'm not made of steel
I'm not made of steel


Note: Title inspired by Our Lady Peace's song by the same name. 


AP said...

Perhaps futurity isn't always coherently teleological. Then again, steel might be melted to be made stainless. Though, of course, one is not really made of steel...

BloggerMouth said...

*Shakes you thoroughly*

Where on this heavenly-or-hellish earth have you been? About time!

That being said, I liked this post. More lucid than what you normally write but somehow equally beautiful. The pain is evident and the vulnerability is a powerful carrier of your emotions. Glad you came back =)

Creation said...

@ AP

I'd say it is, though of course we wish it weren't.
And since you agree to that, stop testing me.

@ Swati

You, madame, are precisely the one and only reason I'm here at all. Glad you're always around. Really.
Much thanks

Ambiguous Insomniac said...

life would be much simpler if the people we treasure would remain with us forever and even make the future as beautiful as the gooey sticky past that can never be forgotten...
this being said...we wouldn't be ourselves if not for our vulnerabilities...thank god we're not made of steel...

CRD said...


y'know, they say u shud always taste desserts slowly...u shud let every taste bud feel the sweetness...if you simply gobble it up, u dont really get the max out of it...you might simply have too much and eventually get sick of it...

Anyway, hope things get better soon...


Diwakar Sinha said...

cud relate to it...v much.

shash said...

Woww,, nice read! :)
i'm in the total opposite situation, which gave me the idea for a new write up now.. lol.. thanks nonetheless! :)

Rajat said...

Perhaps it is true no one is made of steel, but still I am stronger.

Creation said...

@ Ambiguous Insomniac

Amen to that!

Creation said...

@ Chris

Yes, they also say 'be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it all' ;-)

Creation said...

@ Diwakar

I'm glad you could. Really am!

Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you around more. :)

Creation said...

@ Shash

Checked your blog. The last post is dated April 11 and this comment, April 12.

Well, where's the new write-up then? Come on, come on... write it! Looking forward to reading it! :)

Creation said...

@ Rajat

Good for you man! :)