It's that bad?

Him: I had a dream.

Her: Hmm...

Him: About you.

Her. Oh! What was it?

Him: It was horrible, darling! I saw... I saw that your head was cut off and I was... I was wandering around trying to find some way of putting it together... all the while carrying the amputated head in my hands. It was terrible, terrible! Please promise me you'd stay close. Promise you wouldn't leave me.

Her: I promise, honey.

(After a 2 minute pause)

Her: So, you reckon my face is so bad you cut it off even in your dreams?

You'd rather I had a TV for my head, don't you?


ani_aset said...

i love the thought process :P

CRD said...

where's your head at?


rainboy said...

Some thoughts blast like shotgun.

Liked it...nice thoughts/dreams/talks.

take care


Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

Bingo !!! No confusion , Great Combination ..like this very much, love it, wish i have had this kinnda dreams too..Forget dreams, in reality. ((the comments made in anticipation that my Run away girl friend will read this in near future and not allied to any other person in this blog ))

Scribblers Inc said...

reminds me of my train of thoughts...

"Hey!! Do I look invisible to you?"

"Sorry, lost my head there for a minute!!"

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.- stick around my blog for a BIG news...might interest you... :)

AP said...

I believe 'Him' would much rather 'Her' did not have a TV for a face. Or so I believe.

Aniket said...


Nice to see you diggin in humor. This is as white humor as I'd expect from you. :P

Dr Roshan R said...

hehe... cute one

Nirbhay Bhogal said...

Great collage.