Acrid smoke, acid sky
Tears of blood, a string of lies
Found her way in.
An empty shell, broken.
Into the abyss, she went 
And cried.
For a love that was never hers
She died.

Although written much before her death, this poem is dedicated to Viveka Babaji. I was no fan of her, nor do I support the very idea of suicide. It's just stupid. But having been close to the edge myself, I know just how shattered a person must be to harbour such thoughts leave alone taking the plunge. May whatever it was that drove her so leave her side in the afterworld.

Edit: And this, incidentally is also my 100th post. Congrats! To me, you, my dear blog, the neighbour's dog. Ok maybe we can do without the last one.

(Photo: Taken on my last trip to Rajasthan)


Aw.S.M said...

Never been a fan myself and inspite of the reason I call such people weak..I know its not a right judgement to make without knowing their problems but then again I also feel life is to precious to just give up on..

Congrats on a 100 brilliant entries to the blog and to its wonderful, wonderful owner :)


Rajat said...

The easiest way out of a problem is escapism.. I know that edge I have been there fallen from there and still survived.. next time I may not be that lucky.
Now I know life in a way that I never knew before and I love my life.

AP said...

Great, holy Scott!

Creation said...

@ AwSM

If this makes any sense, it is an act of cowardice, yes, but one that demands a great amount of momentary courage.

And not to its AwSM readers?! Unfair! Congratulations to everyone. And to MTNL too!

Creation said...

@ Rajat:

Classic case of been there done that not going back there again, eh?

I'm glad. :)

Creation said...

@ AP

This is the reaction to the 100 posts or to the fact that there was a new post on the blog and I didn't inform you?

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

congrats to kreation and the lovely kreator ;)

n geez...i hope when u say u were pushed to the edge u didnt mean u were contemplating suicide... :|

Creation said...

@ Ayush

Thanku thanku!!!!

And, um, that was the case, yes. Was.

ani_aset said...

congrats on the 100th post :)

Creation said...

@ Ani

Thank you!!!


Scribblers Inc said...

Mubarak ho!! good poetry and nice picher as well! perfect way to wrap up a century of good posts (not timewise! :P )

Scribblers Inc.