Filled with doubt
And spite she stared-
Perched on the rocks-
Into the abyss

Many came upon her beach
Tainted tears, stained kiss
The heavens, they cried
The wind, it hissed.

Swam in the ocean of hate
Swallowed tears, blood and pain
And at last, she broke into a song
They thought she was a dreamer
They couldn’t be more wrong.

Author's note: This was a prompt. Those who are on my Gtalk would know that I had requested some ideas for a theme, something, anything to get me started. Tubelights gave me the link to this picture. Just know, I'm grateful. 


AP said...

I have, as you know, already commented upon this. You may comment upon that now.

Rajat said...

a poem that rhythms in heart

J said...

The photo and the poem both remind me of Ayn Rand, especially Atlas Shrugged.

Creation said...

@ AP

I have, as you know, already replied. :)

Creation said...

@ Rajat

Interesting. :)

What's with soliloquies, by the way?
My Google Reader shows there's a new post, but I click on it, it doesn't exist.

Keep deleting them or what?

Creation said...

@ J

Will have to read it now, I guess. :)

rainboy said...

They thought she was a dreamer ...

nice lines...
good one dear.

take care

ani_aset said...

i cant see the picture, but here's what i could imagine while i read your poem. It created an image of a dove longing to be loved.

et said...

I like the theme of your blog

Creation said...

@ Rainboy

Thank you!

Creation said...

@ Ani

I'd say that's not too far. TH pcture is a sculpture of the mermaid upon a rock. Staring not in the distance, but at the very rock on which she's perched.

Creation said...

@ ET

Thank you! I love that display pic of yours. :D :D :D

Aniket said...

First: I love that pic. It practically pleads to write something on it.
Second: Love the ending. I like when people are proved wrong. Not me. People.
Third: Sorry for dropping by so late. (Imagine a super great excuse written here)

et said...

@ Creation
Is it? I made it! :D

Rajat said...

@Creation-Sometimes I have my words but the time is not apt.. so I have to wait.. and google reader even tracks my drafted ones :(

Creation said...

@ Rajat

Indeed! If I were being all philo (and in the mood for cracking lame jokes) right now, I'd say that even Google Reader doesn't want you to miss out on life. Just this once.