Random Rigmarole 2

Here comes another rambling post... I think this blog should be renamed ‘Creation's Ramblings’. “Kreation” definitely doesn’t even give a vague idea about what to expect. In any case, the need of the hour calls for some rambling considering the phase I'm currently going through can be safely termed- Human Hater.

Hate em!
I hate all frigging humans!

'Coz they bug me.
The mutton-headed ignoramus imbeciles!!

Now, you, as my distinguished readers will take immense pleasure in pointing out that I'm a human too. That, my dear, is the root of all problems! Being born a human has automatically entitled me to be a recipient for a plethora of emotions which (and even the Gods would nod their assent to this) I definitely cannot handle.

For one, my vacations are on. The god-damned vacations. I'm stuck at home with a family that was last stocked in the super-market under the 'bothersome' section with an eye-catching "Special Offer" sign and minuscule, nearly-hidden caution tag that read "Warning: Irksome Effects. Slightest use might result in permanent loss of sanity."

So, where my father, brother and cousin (who has been especially invited to make sure these vacations go as terrible as possible) take turns with the T.V. to watch Balika Vadhu (the greatest torture man ever invented. Trust me, show an episode to Kasab and he'll tell you all you need to know about the terrorist activites... This show beats third-rate torture by a considerable margin when it comes to atrocities!), play video games and watch the extremely irritating Bakabon's Papa trying to keep pace with a turtle, and watch just about every Govinda movie that is aired (it doesn't really matter that he knows the dialogues of most of these movies by heart), respectively; then form a league of their own to make sure I don't watch the 9 p.m. movie and sulk in my non-a.c., non-cooler room with the fan running at bloody half-speed 'cause my father thinks it's a wastage of electricity if you are not drenched in enough sweat. After all, this makes sure you don't need to use the washing machine to wash your clothes as the dirt's already washed off by your sweat. As for the sweat- well, you can just dry the clothes in the burning sun which shines as if there will be no tomorrow and voila! - You saved a lot of electricity by not using the washing machine, cooler and fan.

Moreover, MTNL officials found a novel idea to fulfil their religious aspirations- a strike! So, while the denizens of Delhi were running from pillar to post to find alternate broadband and telephone connections that worked, the MTNL people were following in the footsteps of the sages of yore and had all migrated to the Himalayas. Sadly, I also happen to be an MTNL consumer and my internet had been down all through last week and I couldn’t drool over Matthew Goode and Channing Tatum work or blog.

To add to this, there is a 7-hour power cut every third day here. (That is how I learnt that the elections were over.)

Okay, I’m ending this post because I’m too bored to continue it. If you read it till now... man! I salute your patience.

Now playing: Phoebe’s “No power”

New York City has no power,
and the milk is getting sour.
But to me it is not scary,
'cause I stay away from dairy.
LA la, la LA la, LA la...

P.S.: If you're wondering when did Random Rigmarole 1 came out... it was some 10 months ago.


Little Girl Lost said...

LOL! you remind me of ogden nash-

Not that I think much depends
On how we treat our feathered friends,
Or hold the wrinkled elephant
A nobler creature than my aunt.
It's simply that I'm sure I can
Get on without my fellow man.

Creation said...


Wow! Ogden Nash??!?!?!
That's one hell of a compliment!!


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

I'm gonna be in delhi for a month, and just when i was looking forward to it and spending a relaxed summers, u come out with this post that makes all the delhi-memories(the shitty ones mind u) come back with a flash!! And now i really wanna run away as far as possible

delhi summers sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(thank god i rely on airtel for broadband tho) :P

Creation said...

@ Ayush

Aww.. sorry for the reminiscenes part. But look at bright side- you'll be here for just one month!

Setu said...

lol.. you should do some trippin'

Creation said...

@ Setu
Lol. Good idea. There's one hitch though- I'm not into Shrooms.

Aniket said...

Your misanthropic side seems to be getting the better of you. :D

I know the pain of watching Balika Vadhu. I get tortured enough on those 5 day visits to home. But its still a notch bearable than those K serials, though it doesn't make it any better.

Powercuts have stopped at my place (does a happy dance)

Nice ramblings. :D

Staying with friends is a bliss. :D
I miss hostel life. Current one is good enuf too though.

Pesto Sauce said...

So true about Balika Vadhu

Anonymous said...

come on.....go get a life!!!

Aw.S.M said...

Kitna interesting and enjoyable hain na life : D....and balika vaddhu ...yayyyy...oh they dont watch cricket kya? Now the world cup starts on the 5t of June so enjoyable times for u ahead :D

I got a lot of sadistic pleasure whilst reading this. Thank u : D


Creation said...

@ Aniket

My misanthropic side is the ONLY side I have!

I never watched any K serial except when I was at my grandparents'. My Grandfather loved those shows. I guess there's something wrong with the gene pool of my family. The males enjoy all the soaps whereas the females either don't watch the T.V. at all or if they do, they watch news... or in my case, cricket!

Which is this place? Do tell me, I'll be shifting there, bag and baggage!

Living with friends is certainly a bliss, but I'm the kind who'd prefer living alone... and that's something that my parents seem only too happy to oblige to. Im not disturbed unless I step out of my room. Gee! I'm so glad for that! :-)

Creation said...

Oh! I just noticed, you've reverted back to Aniket. What happened to Aniquez del los mil lucez (or whatever it was)

Creation said...

@ Pesto


Creation said...

@ Anonymous

Sure. So should you. ;-)

Creation said...

@ Amith

And thank you for making feel more miserable! Boohooo!!

They do watch Cricket. I was just bored of the IPL.

rhealitycheck said...

An absolutely enthralling read to add to most of my woes...i recommend with 4 stars. ASS****!
P.S.: I'm bored.


Creation said...

@ Rhea

That wasn't 'bored' Rhea. That was more like 'I'm-sick-of-my-family-and-friends-and-hate-my-life-so-I'll-take-it-all-out-on-you'.

Thank you for visiting.

I wanted to see how you'd react about the Balika Vadhu thing, considering it's your home production of sorts.

It's always a pleasure to have you here. :-)

Amal Bose said...

well.. that was a nice read.
dont know why, but it feels nice to read abt someones misery ;-)

deepazartz said...

Since I am a serial hater myself, I can understand the torture you must've gone thru!
The electricity part...thank god, there's no power-cut here:)

Anyways this 'heart-wrenching' post was a really good read! Is it that you write fab when you are hurt?

Keep going girl!

shash said...

haha.. nice read! my day jus started, glad i logged on to blogger! thanks for the good laugh! :-)

ani_aset said...

hehehe i loved ur balikavadhu comment :P...hey u inspired by ekta kapoor..with the "K" in creations?