I prefer our forests green...

I prefer our forests green, not black.
Lets keep them so.

 Another shot from the Sat Tal collection. 


Aniket said...

Come on. You didn't take this pic, did you?

Looks like a heavenly place!

Creation said...

Yes, I did. Would've mentioned otherwise.
And Sat Taal is heaven! :)

Raunaq said...

alas..other could also understand this.

btw..how was ya camp?
Have you seen any leopord overthere?? ;-)

BloggerMouth said...

This is amazing.

Creation said...

@ Raunaq

Camp was fantabulous!

Na re! No leopards. But there were much talks of Kichkinni and Raate (some sort of local spirits) and even that scared the shit out of most people. Won't boast about not being scared but I did not find the stories in the least bit intriguing.

Creation said...

@ Swati :

You should visit the place. The picture does no justice to the beauty and tranquility of Sat Tal. It's an hour's drive from the Kathgodaam railway station.

Our camp could only be reached in a particulary Hogwartian manner. Train to Kathgodam, Drive to the lake, then boat across the lake and finally a half-hour trek to the 'Getaway forest camp'. Amazing, really! You should go there sometime!

deepazartz said...

Thats a gorgeous gorgeous green!!!
What a beautiful shot!!

And I totally agree with you.
Seems you had a blast of a time!