Not long ago they sat and drank
The poison of their dreams.
Not long ago they ate it up
As bread with milk and cream.

Not long since the world had ended
All torn and split and burned.
Not long ago the Gods abandoned
The dead in their graves turned.

Not long, the Son of God he came
To wash the Sins of Man.
Not long since the Man he tried
To do all that he can.

But that was that and now they sat
The Masters and the Lords.
Drinks did rounds and toasts were made
To The World and its New Gods.


(Written in response to Prompt#8 at Flash Fiction and can also be read here


AP said...

What inspired you to choose this photo for this poem?

Creation said...

Perhaps because it reflects my state of mind right now.

Aw.S.M said...

A rhyming rhyme :D ..I always like this kind :)


Creation said...

@ Amith

Ah yes... had been some time since I wrote one. :)

Matangi Mawley said...

brilliant thought.. very well worded!

Creation said...

@ Matangi:

Thanks for the appreciation. Saw you here after a long time. :)