I am not blogging here. I will, but quite sporadically. Kreation is, and has always been, special. Very special. And it will stay so. Blogging, as you guys would've made out by now (*wink*), has taken a back-seat, the furthest one rather, where you can't even breathe because the damn windows won't open. But I'm trying hard to revive that old habit now. I recently understood the importance of writing in my life. I can live without it, of course... can be happy too. But... Well, that 'but' stays put. Not when I'm writing though. There's an odd sense of completion. All I'm doing is chasing that peace and calm of knowing that the day wasn't wasted, that I did write. But not here. All that happens but it happens somewhere else.

Look at me talking as if it's some top secret corner of the great WWW that no one would ever reach. Well, it's not. Just that it's fairly unknown, quite unpopular and comparatively less cluttered. Also, it is my testing grounds.

Thus, I declare this experiment officially on.

(I suppose I'm in that CWG mode... just watched the opening ceremony, heard President Patil declare the games "officially open" and that last bit might just be a hang-over... apologies.)


rainboy said...

be regular dear

Creation said...

@ Rainboy

Is there much point? Nobody even reads this blog, except you of course. And I thank you for that!!

rainboy said...

dear o dear
does is matters if anyone reads or not?for me it is about writing when i want to i don't care if anyone reads or not.
write for yourself keep your blog as a book on your life that you will read someday in future and remember these times.Trust me it will surprise you how much you will miss these days :)

Romeo Das said...

All I can say after reading your post is "Keep Writing" because you are good at it!

Haope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

Take care :)

shash said...

ive almost nearly stopped loggin on to blogger, let alone write one!! but as ever, good read here! :)
pls be more regular, keeps some of ur fan club members, me included, look forward to somethin good on the net!

Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

writne one month ago , nysn link distorted