With every passing day
I aim to reach the sky,
With every passing night
It seems evermore high.

My dreams and aspirations
Will they ever be fulfilled?
Winners I do see and ask-
“Am I not as skilled?”

My talent and abilities
I have started to doubt
“You are a hopeless loser”
They all seem to shout.

Sometimes I wonder-
‘Why was I born at all?
Is there a ray of hope
That could move away this pall?’

Are wishes and yearnings
Never meant to come true?
I pray to god that someday
Mine just might do.

Failure and disappointment
Is all that is left?
I don’t even know why
Am I stuck in a cleft?

What do know is that
Somehow I’m still alive.
And there’s still faith left
That I just might survive.


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

whoa...itna pessimistic post!!!
I hate it...hate it hate it...
U really think ure a loser right!!! Theek hai fir...dont talk to me again!!!

(already havin second thought about ur loser status eh??!!! lol !!)

creation said...
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garima said...

i kno ur not at all a loser...

i wish u success in ur lyf... n hope u dont face tough times .. so i wont come across any more such poems..garima

creation said...

@ ayush..

i said... there's still FAITH left..

u missed out the complete point of the poem!!

@ gari..

shukriya dost!!

Nishi said...

listen to 'Lose yourself' by eminem.. gets me out of this kinda mood real soon :)

and while you are at it.. listen to the sunscreen song too :)

aupsy said...

yeah...but thats in a disparaging tone and not a cheerful tone...as in you dont write such things unless sumthing is screwing up your life big time n there seems to be no way out...its only then that u think faith is left ... bt c'mon ure better placed than that...u have much more than JUST faith!!! ;)

Raphael said...

u sound pretty eeyore-ish! but good to know u STILL have faith.
thats the important part,ryt?
but beautiful poem. nice read!

take care-

creation said...

@ nishi..

sure... i will.. thnx! :)

@ayush.. u seem to know more than me..
ok.. so.. wat else do i hav.. excepet faith?


eeyore.. haha... i actually like him! he's a sweet lil creature.. aint he?

n yes.. there's still faith left..

faith.. that even aftr reading one of me 'worse' wrks.. u will come back.

hope u do..
keep reading!

Mukul said...

it was nice read

until u said "faith still lefT"

would have liked a bitter ending more though ...

good going though..

creation said...

@ mukul..
thnx for visiting my blog..

n thnx again for takin out tym to comment..

i can undrstand y u said a bitter ending wud hav been gud..

n i'd recommend u to read these.. ull like them i guess..



arunima said...

what a beautiful post....
wonderful juxtaposition of sadness n beauty!!
hope u remember me....
m back to d world of blogs again.....hope to c u around!
n will check out ur other posts

creation said...

yep i do rmmbr u aru!!

i tried visiting ur blog many times.. but unfortunately.. it was blocked!..

hope to see u around too..

arunima said...

yea m gonna stick around n do blog roll me again :) really need all d help i can get

bluebutterfly said...

ohk ... i am so sorry for commenting so late .. but there was someproblem as soon as i would open your blog ... my comp would hang ... stupid computer ..

this is a beautiful peice of writing .. i could almost identify with it .. it has a distinct flow and rhythm to it ...
its great work !
always have faith girl !
never ever give up hope !
and dreams are meant to come true !

btw did i ever mnetion that i love your about me section its just so ... unique .. lol ...
and love the cursor too ... purple is my fav color !

creation said...

heyy butterfly..

thanks for dropping by...

n double thanx for mentioning the cursor.. i thot the damn thing didnt wrk!!

n well.. as for the about me.. umm.... lolzzz.......

keep visiting!

arunima said...

you have been double tagged...!!!!1checkout my blog

creation said...

now now.. thats 4 times in a row that ive been tagged now...

i guess i betr star writing...

dont u like it wen i update my blog.. wat with all these tags yaar..
last tym i did a tag... got a writer's block for 3 months..

chalo.. neways.. i WILL do it..
aftr all u guys atleast mention my name that way..!!

arunima said...

new template...huh????? looks good

creation said...

yeahh.. kept changing templates frequently... but since black's my fav.. i guess m gonna stick to this one!

Anonymous said...

hmm...nice un..!!
nicely written indeed!