Take me away
To the world of my dreams,
Please lead the way
You know what I mean,
Take me to heaven
Let me rest there,
Or just take me to hell
And let me pay.

For dreaming to be someone
That I could never be,
For doing things that you ne’er expected.
I know how hard
For you, it must have been.
Holding my hand like that
You always lead.

My guiding light,
My pillar of strength,
A shoulder to cry on,
A life-long friend,
And you make me glad,
Oh! I love you dad!

Promise me
That you’ll be near.
Don’t ever go
I hold you dear.
Take me with you
And set me free.
Or leave me back here
And let me be.

Open your eyes for once
And see the world around.
Please this time
Do what I say.
Just look at the colours
And radiance abound.
Please God, do grant this wish
Of mine, I pray.

Your benign love,
That warm embrace,
A pleasant smile,
On that charming face,
All that makes me glad,
Oh! I love you dad!


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

read this to ur dad...he'll be really happy...
would never have understood it had i not known...but yeah...now really hpe ur wish is granted...
awsome...really...beyond any words....

creation said...

no, i dont think he'll be happy..
he dsnt like when i write..
n he's made it perfectly clear that he dsnt want to listen to any ofmy poems whatsoever..

n i dont mind now.. felt bad initially.. but ive moved on..
m happy the way things are...

wishes are just wishes.. life wouldve been much easier if they could come true... but they wont..

thnx a lot!!
i need this praise.. keep it coming!!

Anonymous said...

nice one..

Megs said...

hiee , just checked your blog and I must say its simply amazing.

You are one gifted girl and have beautifully penned your feelings .

Also , I hope you dont mind if I add your blogs name in my fav's list :)

Please feel free to visit my blog too .. I like poetry too :)

bluebutterfly said...

aww... thats really beautiful....real true feelings...
you must know how great poem is ... because well it is ... :)
the word flow is great ... and it perfect

p.s. - even my dad objects when i write stuff ...so then i stopped writing ... but then there were times when things were just so overwhelming ... and i had to write .... so now i have a secret folder .....

nitesh said...

woww!! its so nice

arunima said...

ok ....am at a loss of words...
can there anythin more tellin then when i say u left me speechless... u rock gal!

creation said...

thanx a lot!

m at loss for wrds too..
cant thank u enuf!!

Mahi said...

that was a beautiful poem! straight frm the heart!

creation said...

thnx for ur comment..

do keep visiting..

C R D said...

lovely poem.just right for fathers day. after speakin to u the significance of the poem becomes even morer apparent :)

ur dad shud hear it..he'll be very happy :)