The fork in the road,
We part ways,
Never to meet again,
Iknow I'll miss you my beloved,
Yet i never turn back,
Not even once,
Never again!

The fork in the road,
We part ways,
From each other and the days,
Together that we spent,
But they won't return,
Won't ever come back,
Never again.

The fork in the road,
We part ways,
From the laughs that we shared,
I know I won't laugh like that,
Not without you,
Never in my life,
Never again.

The fork in the road,
We part ways,
I want to return,
To turn back and embrace you,
Yet all I do is prepare my deathbed,
Never to open my eyes,
Never again!


Nishi said...

The earth isn't round for nothing :)
we part to meet again..always.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

nice ,short and sweet!!! :)
Though ,may i ask what exactly was the inspiration for it??

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

hmm.. wonder what made u write this..
but nicely writtn..

creation said...

@ nishi..

no.. not always.. sadly..

@ ayush..

i guess we were sposd to go on a date??

ull get the answer to ur question wen u meet me

@ knatchbully..

cant answer the question now.. will tell u in sometym.. (once ive met ayush.. lol!)..
neways.. wats ur name dear?

priyanka said...

kriti teri yeh post padhkar mere saatgh baithi cuzin rone lagi re....tune iske dil ko touch kar liyaa[;)]

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

so did u guyz meet??? temme :P
my name.... ssnab :D

bluebutterfly said...

thats was a really nice read.
but then there are the memories arent there ??? some great poets lose their love and still continue to live on the memories !!!

oh and update with a real post !!!!

creation said...

we've met..

actually... it was a hell lot of cnfuzn which made me write this..

my best buddy liked a girl.. and evryone thot i liked him (m a girl.. he's a boy.. hope u got it..!!)
so.. the girl in question.. denied.. and my buddy blamed me..coz he felt this shudve been kept "private" whiuch unfortunately didnt happen..

so.. i went to meet him... to sort things out.. v had this long walk.. and at the end of it all.. wen i was in tears.. nearly.. we were standing at this junction.. and all i did was.. turned my bak and ran away..

that was the precise moment that i re-lived while writing this poem.
so.. that was it!
dats the whole story..
though.. i admit.. i didnt tell that to ayush!

creation said...

@ blue butterfly..

apost is in the offing.. a long long post bout clg.. and the hassles..

i hope i get the tym to punch it all in..

thnx for visiting by


C R D said...

ohh...y dont u return? its better than preparing ur deathbed...no?

creation said...

coz there are many complications...
its not as easy as it seems..

and neways... i wanted to giv it a dramatic ending...
y wud i prepare my own deathbed?
main to doosro ko maar ke arungi.. lolzz!!

lost said...

good one:-