I came home to you:
Distempered, denuded
Deterrents welcomed me.
Confined, detained; I stared out,
Into the night
Where darkness reigned
And fluorescent bulbs jeered at me.
Cajoled the heart;
Knew you would return.
I am all you have.

The empty godforsaken hall
Resonated yet- heaved, sighed:
Your lyrical breath haunts me still,
Even as the silhouette
Gently, unceasingly drifts away.
You’re not here
But your presence lingers on.
The smoke- like a
Sick, slick serpent
Stealthily it ate into me.

Shrivelled, wrinkled, weary
Weakened limbs trembled.
Even as the truth sank:
Plunging me headlong into
Uncertain abysmal shadows
You would not return.
It swallowed you and
Followed me home. Evil,
Empty sockets stared back.
Life- withering, waning, retreating.

A patter of tiny,
Scared feet scurried away-
Petrified but hopeful, still.
And as the silence
Grew profound, my mind
Became my sanctuary.
Where thoughts of you
Were still pulsating with life;
Where you
Laughed and loved and lived.


AP said...

Games people play...traduce not the materiality of the world into transcendental contraries of an imaginary mind...

CRD said...

"and i seek sanctuary in a nothingness, that promises to do me no harm...but then I wonder if its that Nothing that's what's killing me...slowly...slowly...softly...surely"

BloggerMouth said...

To escape from thoughts that chase you, you need to find that place in your head where you're just a little bit safer... I hope you did just that. Good one...

PS: Finally got to know your name via the f/b application! Nice to have read your blog so far, Kriti. Thank you.

BloggerMouth said...

To escape from thoughts that chase you, you need to find that place in your head where you'll be just a little bit safer. Glad you did.

PS: Got to finally know your name via the f/b app. Now I can say thank you properly - Thanks, Kriti!

Aniket said...

Sanctuary was one of my fav. serials last year till they killed the lead babe and replaced her. Sigh.

But this is my fav. on ur place this yr. Great way to end the year. ;)

ani_aset said...

this is so beautifully worded KS simply loved it :) >:D<

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

ah...the first masterpiece after KS returned on blogger! So all this time u were just silently cutting the rocks piece by piece in your sanctuary... seems like u finally hit gold ;)

Creation said...

@ AP

When you are aware of the inspirations and implications, I'm sure these not-so-innnocent games eclipse the denigration, and subversion of the substantial into into apocryphal gains a new meaning altogether.

Creation said...

@ Chris

Mighty interesting concept that! Why don't you develop it into a post?

Creation said...

@ Swati

That place is easy to talk about but not-so-easy to find when you desperately want to seek shelter somewhere safe. :)

I should be thanking you! A writer is no writer without a reader. And hence, form the bottom of my heart- thank you!

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Seriously, you watch things I haven't even heard of. But then, I never even lay my eyes on the T.V.

This one's one of my favorites too... one of the 'better' things I wrote after that terrible, terrible block!

Creation said...

@ Ani


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Appreciation from you means a lot! Thanks again!

Creation said...

@ Ayushman

Aww! That's so kind of you!

So, how is my substitute boyfriend, eh? Planning to write more or decided to give up on blogging again?

Chal, your turn to hit gold now. ;)