I love death, the thought of it, not the smell. The sound isn't that bad either, but the smell is unbearable. The sight is very interesting... remarkable if coupled with the presence of blood; the smell is torturous. I can smell it now.

Hate is all it evokes in me. It all began a week back on those stairs. Lying helpless in your arms I did not feel the familiar warmth that filled my chest when you touched me; rather, I felt it- watching over me, silent, crouching, awaiting its chance, to pounce, to strike and bring on the end.

You were there then. But what will you do now? How will you save me? It's here, ready to devour, to suck up the warm, delectable blood and leave a repulsive, repugnant pile of flesh and bones behind.

Distorted limbs, empty eye-sockets, spilling brains... it was everywhere. Death had paid a brief visit but the smell lingered on. The disaster was for all to see, the smell just for me. It is as if everyone is suffering from anosmia. How could they be oblivious to this sickening smell! But they are!

Tubelights cracked, bulbs exploded, dogs howled and humans wailed but death continued- unconstrained, uncontainable, unquenchable.

The smell haunts me still.


J said...

excellent post....
you surely are the mistress of dark and gloomy posts...
Death is one of the most important recurring themes in your posts and somehow your excellent writing skills never fail to haunt me...
Update more frequently.

AP said...

Still haunting you? I thought you were past that stage by now...

Creation said...

@ J

Thank you!
I don't lie when I say, in the very first line, that I love death. :)

Since you "write in your CV that you 'discovered' a gem of a writer", I can only hope I don't let you down. :P

Thanks for being around. :)

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

I don't think I can ever be... ;)

Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

Well the thought I have had, lingers my mind is very much sung in a song by a Great Singer/composer.
“It seems to me you lived your life like a ‘candle in the Wind,
Never fading with the sunset, when the rain sets in,
Your footsteps will be followed along E*** greenest Hill,
Your ‘candle burn out long before…… But your Legend ever Will”..

rainboy said...

I refuse to acknowledge death
I will write instead
Of unrequited love
Because while there is no hope
For the living -In death

There is always hope in love
Unanswered or otherwise

Sweetly frustrating
An engaging diversion
Some kind of awkward dance

Not like the dirge that should distract me now
That I will not hear
For I am not ready
Nor will I ever be...

Aniket said...

Aniket likes this. Aniket loves gross bloody death scenes too.

Today Aniket is talking in 3rd person just for the heck of it.

Creation said...

@ Abhijeet

Ah! Elton John's tribute to Princess Diana! Swaying lyrics indeed!

Creation said...

@ Vicky

Rainboy suits you.. me likes! :P

Is that something you wrote before or after reading this post? Do upload it on your blog please, it's fantastic!

I'd still say death is more worthy of being written about than love. Love really is over-rated. And on the plus side, as Woody Allen said, death is one of the few things that can be done just as easily lying down. ;-)

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Kriti knows it's fun to talk in 3rd person. Kriti shares Aniket's love for bloody gross death scenes as well. Kriti is positive Aniket already knew this but wanted to emphasize it nonetheless.

rainboy said...

nopes... just wrote in your comment
My blog doesn't want any sad posts from me now... It wants to be happy and awesome :D
That's why i don't blog much now.
except once in a while on smell.

Chasing dreams these days and awesomeness :P

cheers and hugs

Creation said...

@ Vicky

Aha! Coolios! Somehow, whenever I'm depressed, I end up writing here and then the depression just vanishes... whoosh! Just like that! And I end up happier than ever. :D :D

And as for blogging in a while, well, quality over quantity.. always!!

Chasing awesomeness is so much fun! Don't forget to share it! :D


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

"deadly" post... :P
though everytime i see a post like this in ur blog it makes me sad... why would u wanna have such sickening thoughts? Really wanna see a happy or even wistful post... its bin long...

btw... didnt kno failure to smell is called a'nos'mia :P