(Picture courtesy: Affirmative Thinking)

 A ghostly presence,
A mere memory, an essence
And nothing more, so
That you wouldn’t know
The pain.

Whisper the words to the wind,
You would; perhaps chagrined.
An aura, ethereal I’d choose
To be. Never too close
To attain.

No arms you could hold,
No sight to behold.
A mystery, a floating mist,
No lips to kiss
Or complain.

Inscrutable, a dream
Perhaps, if that would deem
It possible to evade
You. And in shade

A voice without a face, if only
I could be to you. So closely
Wouldn’t scrutinise each word
And I’ll be a free bird


snigdha said...

Very touching, mysterious and moving... a thorough once over isnt enough, to get the essence of it i had to read it 2-3 times. But on the whole.. very motivating! (if i got the gist of it right! )

Creation said...

I'm positive you got it right. I knew you would. Precisely the reason I made you read it first. :-)

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

is it just me or is it really happening - eng hons. seems to have revolutionarised ur poems :D

how could u fit so many feelings in so few words!!!!!! u rock! :D

BloggerMouth said...

*LOVE* the rhyme scheme, love the emotions, and as always love your words. How you manage to make your feelings take the shape of words and arrange them like patterned flowers in a perfect painting, I will never know. But whatever it is that you do, it works. Great post.

Creation said...

@ Aupsy

And Eng(Hons) has also made me realise that I cannot write to save my life. Ironic, isn't it?

Creation said...

@ Swati:

Well, thank you for the generous comment. That's some consolation indeed... to have your work appreciated by a select few when everyone else seems to be intent at denigrating it. Much thanks really!