The Vicious Circle

They say
  it’s a circle. Oh! But it’s not! The
  phoenix will never rise from the ashes again.
  Blow after blow, the poor creature bled, its tears a
  terrible tinge of red. But it wasn't dead. There were more
  aversions awaiting it- The fire in hell- burning, seeking. But it
  won't go. For the phoenix was meant to rise, and though
  it’s just ashes, The soul is somewhere alive. And it
  will come to life when the heavens mourn its
  death, when God Himself would

And bless the sacred creature
But when! Oh When?


AP said...

Keeping what in consideration did you break the lines? Only the aesthetics or anything else?

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

Good one. Well, I never really gave it a thought; probably just the aesthetics.

Why did you ask, though? Did it offend your sensibility in any way?

Ah! I get it... Its one of those things you consider 'juvenile', right?

By the way, is that a picture of the Jamali-Kamali tomb?

AP said...

You unnecessarily, and interestingly, abase yourself; I asked because sometimes poets break lines for rhythmic/meterical purposes, to make reading as well as reciting them a more powerful and enriching experience. Clearly, you’ve done it with visual aesthetics in mind (which are pleasing nonetheless).

Yes, that is a picture of the Jamali-Kamali tomb.

prerna said...

why is it dat phoenix won't reborn?

Creation said...

@ Anubhav


@ Prerna

It will be, my dear, it will be.
But the question here is- when?

Anonymous said...

If you feel the circle is vicious, why do you want the phoenix to rise again....

Aniket Thakkar said...

Nicely done! Loved the flow of thoughts...

Someday the phoenix shall rise again... some day!

Creation said...

@ Anonymous

I can never thank you enough for asking this question!

My friend, the circle (let us call it the circle of life and death in this case), although vicious, is one which holds many secrets- of all kinds.

In order to get the answers to your questions and to solve the mysteries contained in this circle (which could be anything at all or in the case of the circle of life and death consider the simple mystery of the cause of existence)one has to constantly keep progressing.

Else, how will the phoenix find its answers?

I can see no other way except by taking risks! By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in the search. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.
Unless we do that, unless we believe, unless we have the courage to go after what we believe in... we will never find it. If we don't look for it, we can even allow the answer to pass us by, without accepting it, without even noticing. Then the phoenix will need another incarnation in order to find that one answer. There is no ecaping this constant quest. It's better you become a part rather evading this 'vicious' circle.

Creation said...

@ Aniket..

Amen! :)

C R D said...

oh yes the phoenix shall rise...and she wont need god for tht...she will rise anyway!!!


Phoenix said...

i think phoenix is the ultimate symbol of union of body with the soul..something humanity since day one longed for..