The Broken Seat.

A man riding a bicycle fell. The seat was broken. He had tied it with a rope to keep it in place, but the rope came loose; he lost balance and fell.


“Bye Honey”, he called out as he stood at the door.

It was strange. The day itself was strange. He never bade farewell to his wife, never even called her ‘Honey’.

“Where is my Tiffin?”. He enquired.

‘No Tiffin today. No food at home. whatever there was, I fed to the kids. please get some money tonight or the kids will have to n hungry for the day’. She replied.

He sold flowers. He had made 70 rupees by the evening. That would take care of the kid’s food for the day.

‘I need to get the seat’ he thought as the rope came loose a second time that day. But that would cost around 40 rupees and the kids will have to go hungry. ‘No!. food for the kids is the priority. I can do without the seat’.
It was a long stretch of road- a shortcut through a desolate area. He did not usually take that route for there was a chance of encountering robbers. But he was late and the thought of his hungry children made him forget his own fears. The rope that held the seat in place came loose a third time and he fell on the road. Two orbs travelling at a high speed blinded him. His hands tried to shield his eyes but they could shield him from the fate that awaited him. The next moment the same orbs had run over him leaving a pool of blood and gore where he fell. The 70 rupees had fallen out of his pocket and lay soaked near his mangled remains.
The hungry children cried themselves to sleep that night.


Author's note: Yes, I know it's weird. I wrote it a long time back while travelling in 912. I don't  know what inspired me to write this. I don't know why I had not posted it and I don't even know why I've decided to post it now when I've ruined everything and reduced my life to a mess... no, mess is an understatement. Anyways, you get the picture.

P.S.: I wish I'd meet the same fate as the man in this story. 


C R D said...

why the hell wd u want something like this to happen to u? :O

Creation said...

@ Chris

Because I have pseudo-suicidal tendencies..


Prakhar said...

Its a good piece...very well written...

all of us might meet the same fate...but not before giving a fight..a fearless fight to live

Take care :)

Prashansa Taneja said...

Pseudo-suicidal tendencies... hmmm

Creation said...

@ Prashansa
Heavens! You really are his protege!

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

:o!!!!??? suicidal!!!

Anand said...

Yea shit happens.
Wotever bad's hapening or has happend with u..here's hoping and wishing it passes away quick...and things get back to normal.

Anand. :-)
U'll be arright. Keep ur chin up !

Phoenix said...

ultimate failure of man to move beyond time.

Aniket said...

Never expected this coming from you... Am not going to die a natural death either...I promised that to myself long ago!
But I'll start doing crazy life threatening stuff once I cross 50, and have played the so called 'sensible' part of my life in the wprld! :)

Hope you don't have any early plans either! :)

Little Girl Lost said...

you write beautifully. Its my first visit to your blog and I really loved it. And interestingly, I write in public buses too :)

shash said...

hey! long time since i read one of ur entries.. trouble in paradise?

aupsy said...

eeks...912 reminds my of my trips to and from my coachin center and how I'd managed to get myself killed under its wheel...almost!!!:P

N yeah..as for ur wish to die like this...u should consult one of facbooks many quizzes, there must be one on "How will I die" :P

Even if u were suicidal...bechaare gareeb ko kyu maar diya?!!! :P

ShantanuDas said...

"P.S.: I wish I'd meet the same fate as the man in this story. "..

hmmm... some chord deep inside torn it seem.. hmm.. i am sure the feelings.. have gone now.. ~~

Creation said...

@ Shantanu

Ah yes! Sadly, the feelings are still there- right where they always were! I've just decided to focus on the 'happy' things in life 'cause it just makes it bearable. :-)

ShantanuDas said...

Life is very long..dear..----creation ..
--- the sadnesses that you face at this early age is nothing compared to that might come later... so you did good what u did...

Keep sharing.. & u will find many like you in this vast world.. who can be ur friends.. and help u walk.. when u want to lie down... :-)

Creation said...

The name's Kriti (which basically means Creation... so that works fine too).

Yes, you are quite right. But trust me when I say this- I've seen a lot, A LOT!! I'm not saying that people my age haven't experienced what I have but I still have to come across such a soul. I always say- there's a reason why I am the way I am...


But then life's all about moving on... isn't it?
Like I once mentioned while replying to one of the comments on my poem-

"In order to get the answers to your questions and to solve the mysteries [of life] one has to constantly keep progressing.


Unless we do that, unless we believe, unless we have the courage to go after what we believe in... we will never find it.

ShantanuDas said...

Ohh.. I do..:-) I do trust you when you say this... :-)

Even at a younger age one can experience a lifetime..!

.. And your problem may be beyond the usual that a boy or a girl has at this age.."love"...it may be about Life itself or love between others...~~

But you never know.. ~~ such a similar soul may already be near you.. who knows?? not everybody shares their personal thoughts do they? rarely...... never nearly.. :-)

Creation said...

@ Shantanu

Yup! true, indeed! I just wish they would, though... coz I've realised that helps a lot.

ShantanuDas said...

.........well mb they too hv not found ppl lke them yet? hmmm?