The man who will never admit I was one.


Heard your laughter
After a long time today
I had
Forgotten the sound of it.
The sound
That once used to
Drive me crazy
Still does, like it did today
But alas,
She brings out the best in you now
And I’m reduced
To shadows
Forced to watch
Mute, helpless
Even as you slip away
I see you go
And never turn back.
Perhaps the pain
Would be less
Had it been just you
But she’s in the picture too
And the pain I feel is a different kind of pain.

(Written on October 31st, 2009, everything in this poem proved a prophecy of sorts and came true on January 29th, 2011.)


Vishal Raj said...

What shud I say ? I don't have words for the feelings expressed here. No words can express those feelings. Awesome !!!!!

Creation said...

Thank you, Vishal.
That's very generous of you. Glad to see you here. Do keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I don't need to say anything. ;)

Creation said...

@ Mihir:

Of course you don't. ;-)