Quite strange it is
For that which makes us
top of the food chain
one of its kind
king of the world
is also what takes
from us the very ability
to be what we can be
should be
could be.

To think
that thoughts are what make us
and those thoughts then break us
into tiny pieces of fragmented glass
shedding blood of those we once loved

even as they walk away
leaving crimson footprints
on our hearts.


Arunima Rajeev said...

Elaborately concise!

Sandipon said...

Hmm..too much Darwinism Vs Existentialism going on here.
A) If man is on top of the food chain, its due to his ingenuity and not his nature.
B) Of course he can be at the top for so long aloof in himself before the guilt of pride makes him sit and question himself.
In short, its good, but the -isms thematically bring it down.

Sandipon said...

Its likeable but the tussle of -isms kinda makes it read a little pale, the -isms of Darwinism Vs. Existentialism.

Manee said...

This is w.r.t the post you commented on my blog- about gausipp.com:

Well I thought I should let you know this. That 'vulgar website' has been shut down. Shut down by the creator himself - due to a huge sudden decline in traffic ( which coincidently concurred with this post of mine!)

So I am glad, something that I was expecting DID happen.
Such anarchic systems where people have zero responsibility and infinite freedom, is bound to breakdown sooner or later. It is the law of Nature.