No Peachy, no.

Life is not peachy. Life is never peachy.

And when there's no hope, there really is no point living.

But when there's no hope, there's nothing left to die for either.


Anonymous said...

A strange dilemma. What can one do then?

Beyond said...

hope... it is always there.

CRD said...

Maybe there's no point in living if there's no hope.

But no point in dying if there's no hope...why is that? Unless you feared eternal life more than life on earth :P


Creation said...

@ The Lover

I'm trying to find out. Help? :)

@ Beyond

For some, perhaps. for others, not so much.


You've answered the question :)
It's that stage of utter hopelessness when even the idea of death offers no hope. When does one entertain thoughts of suicide? When one is 'sick of life', when that which haunts them here promises to not follow them beyond... but what if there's no escape? What if even death itself cannot save you?

Harshad mehta said...

Absolutely depressed!

Go for a long vacation. Just freak out. You have nothing to lose!

Well written.