Perhaps  it was better not to have friends. To not have a few numbers you know you can call no matter the time of the day... Those were the times this blog saw any action.



The Lover said...

My blog is my friend. I can call him up anytime and share anything I am going through. ;)

Rachit said...

Maybe it is time for a change in philosophy. Maybe the blog wants your friends to be a part of the blog. Write about something your friends would like to read and then discuss over a call ;)

Creation said...

@ The Lover

Yes, that's exactly how it used to be and how I wish it would be yet again. I wish it so bad that I consciously drive people away so ultimately thee would be no one except this little corner on the WWW. :)

Creation said...

@ Rachit

You're new here! Much thanks!

And as for the suggestions... tried and tested. Friends are least interested in anything on the blog. In fact, the moment I mention the blog, they find urgent matters that need their attention and scoot off. :D

rainboy said...

Whatever may happen , the blog will always await you dear .

I love my best friends but somethings are just meant for blog only ...friends can't understand you as your blog does :)

take care