To The MBA Guy- you know who you are...

I apologise for delaying the post that I promised to you. I experienced some strict time crunches this week. But as promised, the post will be put up in a short while. Probably today itself. If not, then definitely by Tuesday.
Hoping for a positive response.



C R D said...

ok..i cant help but ask u..do i know this 'mba' guy? [:P]

and in case i do know tht guy...which is the post u mentioned here?

creation said...


no CRD.. you are NOT the MBA guy..

This was somebody I met in a bus once... and found him way too interesting to not write a post on him..

I could never publish the post though...

coz I met him once more and since the post was written in my cellphone (i tend to do that a lot.. write my assignments on the cell as well..).. I made him read it there and then..

And since the purpose was fulfilled, I never published it..

It was somehow similar to "Incognito"...
In fact, I had a complete section planned on the 'bus ride chronicles' but then Coddan happened.. and blogging took a back-seat..

I hope I see you around more often