An Apology

To The One Who Has Been Wronged,

I am sorry. Truly sorry. Yes, it was my mistake. I should have, perhaps, enquired why you went ahead and said what you did. I should have atleast tried to clarify. But like you said, I was self-obssessed. I could not think of any other implication of your words. One of the reasons being the last line. But nothing can be undone now. The damage has been done. I have hurt you. But it was a mistake, a huge misunderstanding on my behalf. I know nothing I say now can put it right but I just want you to know that I am extremely sorry and will always be. I am not begging for forgiveness 'cause, perhaps, I don't deserve it. If you can ever forgive me though, I'll be grateful. I do not want to lose a friend.



ShantanuDas said...


Creation said...

No use though.


ShantanuDas said...


Creation said...

A dear friend. You don't know.

ShantanuDas said...

ohh must be Z then..
but i got my answer...
that it is at least not small i

[i is an imaginary number in engineering. i= root of minus 1]