Eidolon Shadows and Nefarious Dreams

 In the shadows
of tomorrows
I walk.
Cough, croak, choke
On the nefarious dreams-
like a labyrinthine perplexity
of adits and tunnels
in a multitudinous cavern-
they beckon.
Their candy-coated, honeysuckled
Chuckling, cackling, crackling, 
Gleefully furtive deceitful
An ambuscade, a trap-
hellish, devilish,
a ressurection of evil itself.
They return, they revisit, they're back
To entangle and ensnare me-
Naive, gullible- a pawn.
I cover, cower, crouch,
Amongst those shadows
Of tomorrows.
Will they come to my rescue?
Emancipate and unshackle
From the serpentine diabolic
That is creeping up on me? 
A sycophant stalker,
but much worse,
For its dagger
wouldn't slaughter.
But strike once and dispose you off-
hopeless, lifeless, corpse-like,
Yet breathing, nonetheless.
I hide myself
In those eidolon shadows
Of tomorrows.
Will they pull me out of this fire?
Will you pull me out of this fire? 


Aniket said...

Emm.... will it do if I called the Fire Brigade instead?? But I'll make sure they pull you out of the fire. lolz

But seriously I had to keep a dictionary open for this one. :-)

Skillfully and masterfully done!

Were you playing with us till now by hiding your talents??

Little Girl Lost said...

Deliciously noir! way to go Kriti !!! :)
Serpentine diabolic that is creeping up on me...

Creation said...

@ AniketOhh.. I'm sorry. Next time I'll keep that in mind and write something that's easily understood.

Thank you for the appreciation!

And well, I never hid anything.. there are other equally good (if not better) poems on this blog.

Creation said...

@ Amritorupa


Thanku thanku!!
I'm glad you liked it . :-)

Aniket said...

Aherm... Nice way of saying "you haven't read all the post here mista" :-D

Well I have nothing to defend myself with. (hangs head down in shame)

Creation said...

@ Aniket

You're quick!

Kehte hain na... "Samajhdaar ko ishara hi kaafi hai"


Twisted Elegance.... said...

very complex...beyond my understanding


Anonymous said...

I love this poem, I can relate to it. All of us are born alone looking for guardian angel,
But at the end Its just us alone in a world filled of advicers.

Creation said...

@ Twisted Elegance

Oh my my! This is unexpected!

I'm sory you couldn't understand it. Even if one of my readers can't understand it, it's my fault.
Will come with something simpler next time.
Thank you for dropping by and more thanks for letting me know that the poem's too complex. I appreciate that! :-)

Keep visiting

Creation said...

@ Anonymous (who, I think, is Amps :P)

Well, certainly! I agree with you.
I have been told that this poem could be interpreted and explained in quite a number of ways and I was given a demonstration of the same, so I won't know how you could relate to it but it is a compliment for the poet/author if the reader can relate to thier words. I'm glad.
Thank you.

anu said...

to be honest mere bheje mein toh poori poem fit nahi hui..:)
but by readin comments i guess poem is nice :P
tu mujhe samjha dio baad mien :D
take care

Creation said...

@ Anu

Lol! I won't say that was unexpected.. so many people have told me that this poem is too complex.. (and i thought this was one of my best works.. *sob sob*)

Thanks for the honest confession. Will explain it to you.. definitely. No prob. :-)

Aniket said...

Oh but this is most certainly one of your best works...

Its only that us lesser mortals have to pump up our vocab to understand its true meaning.

You must not come down to our level... we shall rise to yours. :-D

Creation said...

'Difficult to comprehend' doesn't qualify something as 'great', Aniket. Until and unless the idea gets across the purpose of any piece of writing isn't fulfilled. What's the point os writing something that isn't even understood?

But then, I can't help it. This, according to me is a pretty simple Kreation and it'll be equally simple for the readers if they take it at face value. But like most literature-students, it seems the readers here are also looking for the alternative obscure explanations. That's the kind of idea people associate with poetry generally. Not my problem!

Thank you for the appreciation though. Coming from someone who hasn't even read the entire blog, I'm a little apprehensive if that was actually appreciation or sarcasm.

P.S.: Did that sound rude? Crap! Didn't mean to. My bad. Was just being cheeky.

Dream'R said...

now could u retype that in english please???...hehe...naa it was really good..i like the complications ;-)

since u were all praising us in siya's blog i thought drop by...isha ll be here in a bit too ;-)

keep up the good work miss thesaurus ;-)


Creation said...

@ Would-be-Shahrukh's-father (Yes! I'm talking to you Amith... and yup! I've read your blog.. before you decided to drop by.)

Oh boy, oh boy!
Me? The Thesaurus?!?!

That's the first time somebody called me that and trust me, i would NOT take that as a compliment!!

Anyways, glad to see you here (I mean it!)

You like complications, eh?

I know that you believe you understand what you think I meant, but I'm not sure you realize that what you think is not what I meant.

I'd love to see Isha drop in some comments on my humble blog too. I still maintain- you guys have the most awesomest (yes I know that's technically not a word, yet, and that even if it were it's double superlative.. but what the heck!) conversations ever.
(And yeahh.. I have a bad habit of talking in parenthesis. Pardon.)


Gagan said...

Ahem Ahem! Well I won't go blah-blah over the complexity (which is actually there) of this poem. I sure Mr. Navjot Singh Siddhu would surely get 'most' of these words, if not all. :P

Seriously, nice read and beautiful flow in verses. Keep writing...

PS: I like talking in parenthesis too (making it a bit extra effective/meaningful/cheeky with italics)

Creation said...

@ Gags (Hope you don't mind me calling you that)

Seriously... Navjot Singh Sidhu? Couldn't you find anybody better to pull the joke off?!?!

Thank you for appreciating the poem beyond the complextiy (which, even I'm forced to admit, is there!)

PS: Yes, yes!! Isn't it fun?!?! LOL

Gagan said...

I never mind anyone calling me 'Gags', Kriti :D (Hope you don't mind me calling you that)Well, somewhere above Aniket commented - "I had to keep a dictionary open for this one." So, being a hardcore cricket fan Mr. Siddhu's face flashed right in front of me :D.
So the joke :P

Hope I supported my joke pretty decently there! hahaha :)

Gagan said...

Oh yeah true :) (talking in parathesis is lotsa fun, it gives so many expressions to the dead words :D)

Creation said...

*raises an eyebrow*
(Can't do it really.. only in words :P)


Someone's calling me a thesaurus.. others are comparing me to Siddhu... I wonder what's next..

And well well.. another cricket fan!
Following the IPL closely? Quite a few shockers already...

Waise, I wish you knew BMS.. then you would've never dreamt of Siddhu when talking of dictionaries.

bondgal_rulz said...

As promised by some people who think they have the right to make promises on other people's behalf, I AM HERE. :)

Two words for the poem - bare and chilling.

P.S. High time that bestest and awesomest are recognised by Oxford.

Creation said...

@ Isha

Well, my humble apologies if you were forced by a certain someone to drop a comment here.
Though I AM glad to see you here!

bare and chilling.. hmm..
So is that good or bad?

Heck! Who cares.. atleast you understood! That's a minority here. :(

P.S.: True and agreed!

Dream'R said...

SRK's dad??!! u couldve just said wannabe SRK u know!!..and since u had been on ma blog..u couldve said HI!! just 2 letters of the alphabet soup which ur poem suggests u seem to have taken in aplenty of!!

YES thesaurus was meant as a compliment! i totally luvd that poem at the second time of reading..hence i stick to the thesaurus compliment( TAKE IT!!)

If u r talkin of the poem, i think i get the gist of it..if its somethin else then yeah i m totally alicia silverstone(read clueless) ;-)..care to elaborate?

and thank u for the compliment ;-)..as far as i m ocncerned awesomest is a word..esp if its meant to be complimentary..;-)

( u ve got ur parenthesis i ve got my sight maarne waala smiley ;-) )


Dream'R said...

@ isha - kyaa isha and woh bhi "creation" ke blog pe?? log kya sochenge??!!..lolz..

well u r here aint u ..hehe..aree wat happened to gambhir and sehwag?? scooby doo and shaggy!! david dhawan and govinda!!...;-)

Raunaq said...

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P.S.:Today I had appeared for "Fire Engg Paper" in varsity exam.(One of the toughest paper for this sem).

Raunaq said...

By the way i've gone through your poem...but speaking truth...nothing came to my silly brain...expect than a word "FIRE" and yowling for "Help".

Anyways,Nice creation.
Keep it up.


Creation said...

@ Amith

Well, you've stated that you should be technically (since your father named you after his fav actor) naming your son Shahrukh... and hence the pun.

Thesaurus is NOT a compliment. Period.

Didn't mean anything.. was just whiling away time.

Sight maarne wala smiley kuchh over nahi ho gaya? ;-)

Creation said...

@ Raunaq

Argh! Forget it! Seems like I posted this on the wrong place!! Fire has classifications?!?!?

Never mind.. don't even want to know.

Safety personnel, eh? Good good!

I'm not surprised... no one seems to understand this one. :-(

Will definitely write something easier the next time.

Keep visiting.

P.S.: Good luck with the results. :-)

RachelW said...

Hehehehe, why do I read this as dark humour? Perhaps it's that word nefarious...

Creation said...

@ Rachel

Quite possible.
I am extremely happy that you found it funny! Seriously.

Thanks for following. :-)

Raunaq said...

1.no no..you have posted it exactly at right place but the person* following it may be wrong.

2. haan g...fire has also classifications....any further information regarding "fire" follow "NFPA" available at a single click of google search.

3.Ahh Safety personnel...one more year I've to wait for this "creamy power".

4.naa please,results ki baatein na kar... :-(

Good Night.

*restricted for me only.