have realised that I stay sane when I spend a considerable time studying and considering my exams are on... padhai  is all I would be doing. So, yes... happy 'sane' days ahead.

Not to self: Why the hell are you still online and waiting for comments on a crappy post as this? Go, Goddammit, study!


Aniket said...

If you are reading this beat yourself on your head thrice and get back to study.

Creation said...

LOL! Reading and replying.
But I did study! I was up till 4 a.m. (studying, yes!) and woke up at 7 (to study, yup yup!)

I do deserve an itsy-witsy-teeny weeny-yellow-polka-dotted break...!

Little Girl Lost said...

Kriti, you are a bit scary when you are sane. Pls get the goddamned exams over with and come back to normal soon.
And i hope your polka dot break wont involve you taking off from blogger. too many people are doing that, dammit!

Creation said...

@ Amritorupa

Me? Scary? Nooooooo!


The break was from my books to spend more time on blogger... I can't tolerate books anymore! EII is getting to my head!

Margaret said...


Pop over to my blog, there's an award waiting for you.

ShantanuDas said...

hmm.. ok first post i read.. let me see next..