Wherever I go
I find you staring
Back at me
My own reflection

The eyes- effeminate,
moist, but sparkling,
Accusing nonetheless
Of crimes unnerving.

It's not easy
To hold it all in
The emotions that are
All bottled within

A trifle too good
I am, I'm sure
At concealing it all
Pretending I don't care.

Lest you say
I forgot you, my dear
Do understand-
I'm not what I appear


Aniket said...

Lovely... lovely poem.

Awesomeness. We are all pretenders.

'A man always lies when he is his true self. Give him a mask, and he'll tell you the truth'.

aakash said...


Creation said...

@ Aniket

Again the first one here!

We totally are. And I certainly am... no qualms about it either. :-)

Creation said...

@ Aakash

Thank you so much. Coming from you- another master poet- this one's truly a compliment!!


really loved dis one...keep on givin d world works like dis!

Creation said...

@ Mansi

Thanks a ton!!
I never knew you were a blogger too. Hope to see you around now. :-)

aditi said...

first that pic, and the poem... I am overwhelmed! you are so... Amazing at this!
glad u found me :D

Creation said...

@ Aditi

Yay yay yay!! You're here! Great!!
You found it 'amazing', eh? Whooppieee!! That's one heck of a compliment!!

And the feeling is mutual! :-)

Found you through Aniket's blog. (Thank you, Mr. Thakkar, for another super awesome blogger-friend :P)

Aw.S.M said...

wah wah editor ji....thats something else u got there..:)

Yes yes..now u can say..wow thats a gr8 compliment coming from an AwSM poet such as myself :P..hehe...but seriously yaar...nicee stuff :)


Creation said...

@ Amith

Oye!! No mention of my work here!!

Well, the 'something else' could've referred to something more awful than AwSM!! :P

And you.. AwSM poet? kabse bhai? Kaunsi duniya mein?!?! :P

Aw.S.M said...

obviously its super duper yaar..duh..as if u didnt know!! kitni taareef sunogi :P?

And oye no1 else is saying it na..so i m myself saying it AwSM poet = me :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First of all that picture is vry nice...

You must have given credits tot eh person who created it :-P

I liked the poem and morely the flow of thoughts from this end to that end.
We many times copntradict with our selves, but we do take it very rarely.


bondgal_rulz said...

AWESOME pic and an EVEN awesome poem!!

Loved it to the T!! :)


ani_aset said...

I agree to that one K, we all pretend..But i always thought if we bring out our inner self outside, things will be easier..NO?

Tabitha said...

*Applaud applaud* Tis totally sets the mood for wat i am sittin down to write today.. Nuttin was movin me enuf to write and now I hav my inspiration and my motivation (thanks to u girl)

Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

Contradiction / Kontradiction
Another marvel Kreation form Kriti

Creation said...

@ Amith

Sahi hai.. Mr. muh-miyan-mitthu! :P

Creation said...

@ Mahesh


I've had that picture for a long time and I don't know where I got it from. Lest I would've definitely credited the creator/owner.

Well, it was one of those rare times where the contradiction is too apparent to go unnoticed.

Thanks for visiting

Creation said...

@ Isha

You didn't write AwSM?
Lolz!! Guess it's not contagious.. yet!!

Thank you for liking the poem!!

ShantanuDas said...

The poem must be good... cannot comment as I am not a poet.. but was thinking do ghosts have reflections??

Creation said...

@ Ani

The irony is that we are are what we pretend to be. So we must be careful what we pretend to be.


Creation said...

@ Tabitha

Glad to be of servie, ma'am.

I still have to read your post. Sheyt!!

Loved the template, btw! :-D

Creation said...

@ Abhijeet

Thank you!
You always praise me. Mind being a critic once? Just once, please?

C R D said...

awesome poem

When you're forced to behave like someone tht's not really you, even your mirror deceives you

Creation said...

@ Chris

I beg to differ. What can a poor mirror do when it is you who's hell bent on decieveing everyone. It just shows you what it sees.

As Sylvia Plath's mirror spoke-
"I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful ‚
The eye of a little god, four-cornered."


Raunaq said...


whoa....its amazing yaar!!!
i think ...this one is ever simplest poem that you have written...n thanks god I have really understood this one very well unlike "Eidolon Shadows and Nefarious Dreams".
These were really awesome lines.
Good job.Keep it up.:-)

P.S. :Actually yesterday(Saturday) I have seen ya school(QMS)...n immediately u strikes in my brain that you were from this school. :-)
anyways m leaving Delhi today...
till then good bye you n good bye Delhi.n ALWAYS take care yaself.
(2:14 a.m.)

Creation said...

@ Raunaq

Thanks! A lot of people failed to get eidolon, you weren't the only one. But I'm glad you understood this one.:-)

You remembered that bit of information about my school Surprising!
Hope your exams went well. Have a great time. Enjoy your vacations. :-D

ani_aset said...

My point is life would be simple if stop pretending and show our good inner self..because then we will not have to make any effort to pretend..and we will just BE. :)

Creation said...

@ Ani

Ah, yes! Now that is one ideal state, I'm sure, one tries hard to achieve.

Raunaq said...

Thanks a lot!!Actually i really possesses an extraordinary memory power....hahaha :-)

Vacation is finally overs.Today i will land in Kochi n from tomorrow as usual boring colez classes. :(

Have a great sunday!!
Enjoy. :-)

Raunaq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Creation said...


Well. Good luck then! :-)

Prakhar said...

Mysteriously beautiful!

It felt like everything is not revealed yet..there is more to it..still concealing :)

Creation said...

@ Prakhar

Wow! Thanks!

I guess the next post might reveal all that or perhaps reduce the beauty of this one.

Keep watching !:P

DPhatsez said...

What awsome 'Kreativity'
Loved the poem, pic and the cute doogie!

Keep 'em coming!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T! \m/

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

wow. that was as delicate as a feather in the wind.

AK 25 said...

Wonderful...amazing is d word...keep it up..

Adeline said...

wonderful poem ...it also matches wid d poem..

Adeline said...

wonderful poem...it matches wid d pic.