back and blabbering

Warning: Reading this post might result in a loss of sanity. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Back and at it again!
It's time to party for all of you, my dear readers (if there are any left) for I AM BACK!

After the long hiatus, partly because I was busy and part of it self-imposed for 'personal reasons' (wink), I'm back to bug you some more. So while normal posting may still take some time to resume, I decided to upload a new template and found this. The only trouble I have with it is the frigging irritating 'Undefined' on the left side of the post. If you know how to edit it, please let me know! *gets down on knees and begs*

So, off for now, will return. Keep watching this space (yeah, as if!)

And oh, on the personal front, well, things are good *blushes*. So good that I was under house-arrest for sometime, had fights with almost all my friends in the last couple of weeks and *drops the bomb* I have quit the magazine I was working for. (Don't ask me why. No point. I'm not telling.)

But things are better, much better now. All the misunderstandings (fine, fine.. most of them!) have been sorted out. College is back on track after the much irritating, but gratifying  (coz for once, dirty politics could not win from the righteous ones) DU and college elections and now Ramjas College can finally hope for some positive change.
(Manu, in case you're reading this, please get the cameras removed asap!)

Umm, so yeah.. I don't know what else to say. Won't bore you guys. Take care. Happy blogging!


Rajat said...

It seems that you had a pretty eventful August. Same here actually, though the events a tad little bland for your taste. :P
You quit the magazine? Now that's bad! Had an ugly fight with your colleagues, huh? (Okay, I'm not asking anymore!)
So what do you plan to do now? Start another magazine to rival it? It'll be fun if you do that!

Anyway, I *may* be able to help you with this 'undefined' thing, if you could email me your blog template. I'll be happy to help. :)


ohhh...really surprised d magz...ur work was so good yaar...won't ask u why!!

ani_aset said...

i don see any undefined anywhere.welcome back though :)

Creation said...

@ Rajat

Oh yes! I certainly had an extremely eventuful August. Haha! You did ask me, eh? Fight, nope. Not in the literal sense of the word. I have no intentions to start another magazine to rival this one, neither the resources. I'll just focus on my studies for the time-being. :)

And I've mailed you the template. Please do let me know if you can help.

Thank you so much for visiting. :)

Creation said...

@ Mansi

Yeah well.. had to quit. Such is life. Don't stop reading the mag though. :)

Creation said...

@ Ani

Oh! Which browser do you use?
The undefined comes wehre technically the date should be displayed. Thanks and sorry for not visitng your blog. I'll catch up on all the blogs soon. Promise. :)

ani_aset said...

i dont see any date anywhere. i use google chrome

AP said...

Good to know things are "good" on the "personal front"...whatever that means!

But what's the thing about cameras, eh? Why remove them?

Creation said...

@ Ani

Well, I use it too. Check on the left side of the post title. There's an 'Undefined' there. That is what has been bothering me.

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

Well, sir, they certainly are and who would know it better than yourself.

As for the cameras in the college... invasion of privacy, my dear sir, invasion of privacy! *wink*

ani_aset said...

cant find it :P
How about an image showing the same :D

Aniket said...

First things first. The frigging Undefined. :P

Go to Dashboard-> layout -> Edit Template

You'll see the xml code. Do a Ctrl+F for 'Undefined' whichever line you find that just comment the line. You know how to comment a line in html right? Just google it coz blogger wont allow me to write html tags here.

This should be not ideal but a passable solution. For more I'll need the xml file like Rajat too. :)

But its more fun to squash the bug yourself so try it yourself. :P

Aniket said...

Oh, I almost forgot the second thing. Tee Hee.

Aherm, so since you had already told about you quiting that magazine. Well, their loss. You doodle your way to glory!

My friends and I are planning on something too. Lets hope that works out well. :)

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Well, thanks for all that help, I'll just try and see if it works. And I will google that thing (whatever it is!) and see if I learn something. Although, being the technically challenged me, I'm sure I won't eb able to do anything. :(

Do you want me to mail you a copy of the template?

And yopes, have quit the magazine... when did I tell you about it before this?

And oh! I so want to go back to doodles! There's this very ambitious castle I'm working on. It's a bit difficult when you don't use a pencil at all and work with permanent markers straightaway but if things go well, perhaps, someday I might end up displaying it here (I hope I do!).

Creation said...

@ Ani

Hehe! Naah.. Will handle it now. Thanks anwyays! :)

Aniket said...

Well you mailed and told before in reply to the feedback.

And commenting an html line is easy just put a "LessThanSign ExclamationMark MinusMinus" in front of the line "MinusMinus GreaterThanSign" at the end of it.

You can still mail me the xml though.
I'll have a look at it.

Creation said...

@ Aniket

Oh acha haan! lol. Sorry, I keep forgetting stuff. :P

I would not even pretend I got that sings bit. Sab sir ke upar se nikal gaya. Do forgive me, O Master of All Things Technical, I am but an ordinary soul- technically challenged! :P

Will mail you the template in a jiffy!

Thanks for the help again!