Of Esquires and Angels :)

Neither ****, nor ****
Can sustain the smoldering gaze
And who is ******* but a mere shadow
Ablaze in this vital glow
Of your Guardian Angel 
The sweet belle
The wild bee
Who rose from mighty mysterious seas
And spun her web around you
Wrenched you out of the blue
From anguish then your spirit turned
Your heart for her sweet kisses yearned
And as your lives intertwined
You chose to leave the world behind
It set your heartbeats so to race
When e’er you gazed upon that face
The innocence- it caught you- like a child
Yet even then could drive you wild
You’ll never understand the how’s and why’s
Yet you lost your heart to those brown dancing eyes
And when you got that long sought kiss
You knew you had found your perfect miss
She made a vow to none but you
And pledged her love to forever be true
Now each day your love grows strong
Like a gentle, merry, mellifluous song
Like a cream white rosebud- a flush on its petal tips
With a kiss of desire on its lips
Forever, eternal and sincere,
The flame will outlive life’s brief years
So, shout it from the mountaintops, all places high and low
This love is your reason to be and will never break or bow!
Author's Note: I had posted this on my other blog (where, of course, you would learn the truth about the post). But then, since most people don't visit it, I decided to re-post it here as well (with the 'controversial' parts in asterisks, of course. As if you hadn't understood already. You're intelligent readers, after all! :P )
In case you still want to see the original post, just drop in your e-mail id and I'll send you an invite to the blog. :-)


Aniket said...

I liked the rhythm very much. Has a very singable tune to it too.

Its very unlike your signature style but very welcome change indeed.

As you seem am very happy today as am very vella!

You had another blog? Since when? Add me. I very much like secret hidden classified stuff.

Creation said...

Ah! As usual the first one here! No wonder you're my favourite! *wink*

I'm glad you found the change welcome. It took me a good one week to write this since, as you correctly pointed out, it isn't my style and it feels so good that it struck a chord.

I've had a blog since a long time and I think you ARE added up there. Didn't you check that link? If it works, then you must have been added up there already. And just in case you aren't, I'll mail you another invite. :-)

Prashansa Taneja said...


Creation said...

@ Prashansa


Got your id as well. Didn't publish it for obvious reasons. Will mail you the invite.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

great one...reminds me of those medieval age poems. English hons. is surely doing something to you, and surely coupling that with a force as great as love is 'kreating' more than a few wonders! :D
really makes me wanna write!! if only i had time!! :(

BloggerMouth said...

I like how you have toyed with the words here and I mean the uncensored ones! The ending was extremely powerful.