My all

I hoarded love
It melted away
I locked it
and it broke free
I grabbed on to it,
Always do,
And ended up holding an illusion.
I died a thousand deaths.
I die everyday.
I wish you would release me
And yet, beyond you,
Nothing exists.
For you were, are and forever will be
My all!


AP said...

Interesting photo!

ani_aset said...

Its the best wen left free.. and yet bounded to you for love and love only :)..lovely writing K

Creation said...

@ Anubhav

What else would you notice but that picture!

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

wadda pic! amazing! and to top it with a touching peom... hats off!! :)

Creation said...

@ Aniruddha

I think it's a chicken and egg case.
Thank you so much for the compliment!

Creation said...

@ Ayushman

Hadd hai! Jisko dekho pic ki taareef kar raha hai!
Well, the credit goes to whoever took it, for clearly, I didn't.

Thank you!


i m actually speechless...d poem's brilliant but d feeling behind it...touchy!!

Shantanu said...

No the credit goes to who thought of the picture..not one who took. ..mb both same person here ..mb not.

anu said...

Is sacrificing ur love considered a courageous thing?
Also, its always better to see reality than being in illusion cuz later we only hav to face crucial consequences.
p.s.- i dnt knw why i wrote all tht..
take care :)

Anonymous said...

A riveting account of helpless emotions that we all will encounter. We may be too stupid to escape its traps too blind to see its danger. Yet without it we may never achieve any species gold. to exit.
Your Friend

shash said...

I think the credit goes to the poetess to write the lovely poem and put up a pic that expresses it so well! Kudos! :)